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Ritual To Call Your Loved One Back

There are two types of separations that occur when couples split up: temporary and karmic. If a separation is karmic, nothing you can do will bring back your loved one. However, if it is temporary, you can use the following rituals:

1. Powerful Mirror Ritual For Reconciliations
  • Find a photograph of yourself smiling (half body picture) and a similar one for your loved one.
  • Now take 2 pieces of mirror the same size as the pictures. Place the two pictures so that they face each other.
  • Then place the mirrors outside the joined picture. They should reflect outwards. So, you will have 2 pictures sandwiched between 2 mirrors. Use tape to tape the mirrors together with the pictures inside.
  • When there is a full moon, catch the reflection of the moon on the surfaces of both mirrors. This is to call forth the magic of the God of Marriage. Keep until your loved one calls and meets you. Once this happens, release the pictures. The rest is up to you. This ritual will help create the opportunities for you to iron out differences between you.

2. Use the Wishfulfilling Bird

Hang a bird flying towards your home to symbolically call back a loved one. Write your wishes on a piece of paper and place it in the beak of the bird.

  The Rooster with Fan and Amethyst protects marriages from infidelity and third party interferences.
3. Amethyst Geode to Protect your Marriage

Tie a red string around an amethyst geode and place  under your bed. Then tie the red string onto a leg of the bed. Make sure the geode is under your feet. For females, sleep on the right side of the bed, while your husband should sleep on the left.

Special tip:
Making the Rift Permanent and Complete

If you have separated for good and you feel that the energy of the person lingers, use the following ritual to wish good things for your former spouse, but to allow yourself to move on with your life.

Make a paper boat that can float on water. Inside, you need to place the name of your spouse (not photo) with a well-meaning and well-intentioned good-bye wish. Make your wish genuine. Place 5 types of offerings inside the boat – flowers, an incense stick, a coin, a sprinkling of saffron water and some earth. Just take it to a river and let it drift downriver. Do not look back once you have set the boat adrift. This will close one chapter of your life allowing the next to unfold.

The article above was taken from the Feng Shui World (July/August 2006) now available on iPad, Online or Print editions.