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How to "Dot the Dragon's Eyes" to Protect Your Home from Danger & Create Good Abundance Energy

The Dragon is the ultimate auspicious creature, which brings yang energy, protection and abundant good luck. With the presence of the Dragon in your home, you are able to enjoy good fortune luck that comes your way. Invite the Dragon into your home and dot his eyes so he comes alive. The following are the steps to take when attempting to dot your Dragon’s eyes:

  1. Choose a porcelain, brass or golden Dragons . Do not make your Dragon image too large. This could create unbalanced chi in the home.
  2. Select a Dragon day from the Chinese Almanac.
  3. Choose the Dragon hour, between 7am and 9am.
  4. Use a new brush and some red ink (preferably cinnabar ink) to dot the eyes of your Dragon.
  5. Make sure your Dragon is facing East when you do this ceremony
  6. Get an incense stick to awake the energy of the Dragon.

After the ritual is complete, place the Dragonin your living room, if possible facing East. A Dragon can live inside or outside the home and still bring you an abundance of good luck and protection.

If your Dragon cannot face East, you can place your Dragon facing water, since the presence of yang water makes Dragon symbols awaken and exude the precious breath of chi. So when you create water feature in home, it is good idea to place at least one Dragon facing that body of water to bring prosperity.

Avoid placing your Dragon in the following areas:

  1. Never place Dragons inside the toilet or bathroom or even facing the toilet or bathroom.
  2. Never place a Dragon image in the South, the sector of Fire.
  3. Never position a Dragon image above a fireplace since this implies that the fire energy is burning him.
  4. Never have a Dragon image in the bedroom because it becomes excessively yang.
  5. Never place a Dragon inside a closet.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (Nov/Dec 2008)". To subscribe, please click here.