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Using Dragon Rituals to Ensure Travel Protection

With the current unstable earth energy and natural disasters around the world, it is vital to protect ourselves against all manner of bad luck when about to embark on a journey.

This ritual encompass the use of dragon fire energy, water energy, metal energy, earth energy and wood energy and requires you to perform some simple acts which take only a few minutes before you are about to set out on your travels.

The observance of these rituals ensures that if you happen to be starting out at an inauspicious time, on an inauspicious date, or if the karma of that journey brings you obstruction, inconveniences and bad business judgement, you will be guarded against any manifestations of bad feng shui.

At the least, these rituals guard against robbery, lost luggage and missed connections. At their shinning best, these rituals could save you from mortal danger.

First, determine the direction in which you will be travelling. Take this direction to mean from point A (your embarkation city) to point B (your destination city). Do the appropriate ritual just before leaving the house to set off on your journey.

1. When you are traveling West or Northwest, use a dragon incense holder and burn some joss sticks to create smoke; then, as the smoke rises, use three red candles and swipe the air in a wide broad curve nine times. The candle should remain lit. If the candle goes out, do it again until you are able to make nine clean sweeps in the direction you are traveling to.

2. Dragon water energy is required when you are traveling South. Look for a pail or water goblet that has a Dragon image on it. Just before leaving the house, fill the goblet full of water and then facing South, sprinkle water with your right hand once in Southerly direction.

3. Dragon metal energy is required when you are traveling East or Southeast. Look for a small curved knife with a Dragon image on its handle. The knife need not be very big, but it must be made of metal. Stand facing East or Southeast and extending your arms wide, use knife to swipe the air in the direction to which you are traveling six to seven times.

4. Dragon earth energy is required when you are traveling in the Northerly direction. Use porcelain bowl decorated with a Dragon for this. Place some earth inside the bowl and standing to face the direction you are going, sprinkle the earth eight times in that direction.

5. Dragon wood energy is required when you are traveling to the Southwest or Northeast. Use a freshly cut branch with leaves with a Dragon image tied to it. Swipe the air three or four times in the direction of your destination.


The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (Nov/Dec 2008)". To subscribe, please click here.