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15 Ways to Enhance Your Charisma and Inner Strength

 Learn how to improve your finances, your career and your confidence with this series of special energy rituals. Each of these routines will boost your personal success, thereby enhancing your charisma and inner strength. Enjoy feeling your life improve as you systematically tick off each of these activities off your checklist.

1. Sprout a Plant in the Southeast to Bring in a New Source of Income
By placing sprouting plants in SE, you simulate the auspicious presence of sheng chi and create multiple sources of income. If there is no growth in the Southeast, wealth energy becomes increasingly depleted.

2. Place a Water Feature in the Southwest
To attract serious wealth into your life, choose a substantial sized water feature – i.e. a pool or fishpond - dug into the ground in the Southwest part of your garden. This activates the indirect spirit of the period of eight and is an extremely powerful way to attract abundance luck to the family.

3. Hang A Mandala on Your South Wall
Mandalas reflect the powerful energies of heaven and earth, which can then combine with the energy of the people in the home. This forms the powerful trinity of feng shui “ Tien Ti Ren”. A beautiful and well-drawn mandala will ensure your house is properly safeguarded and will also encourage good health for all residents.

 4. Place a Red Jewel in the Earth Sectors for Wealth Luck
Select a red wish-fulfilling jewel. Wrap it in a red or yellow cloth and bury it in the SW or NE corner of your garden, or both. If you are sensing obstacles to your prosperity luck, this ritual will help you overcome them.

5. Throw a Party on a Special Day
It is always good to bring a blast of yang energy into your home. Invite a group of friends who care for you, whose auras glow with good will for you and who are happy to come together in celebration with you. Good feng shui parties will dissolve any negative energy that has gotten stuck in your home, transforming it instead into positive chi.

6. Allow Yang Energy into the Facing Palace of your Home
The facing palace is the part of the house where chi enters and distributes. Make sure it is clutter-free and brightly lit. Place Fu Dogs to guard your home from any harmful energy entering via the main door.

7. Wear a Transformation Fan pendant
The fan is powerful symbol that can transform bad luck into good luck. It wards off the bad vibes of negative gossip and the ill intentions of others. It is the best way to bring good luck back into your life, especially if you have recently been suffering from a spate of bad luck.

8. Draw the Dollar Sign on your Hand Every Day for 15 Days
Use red cinnabar to draw the dollar sign on the palm of your hand for the 15 days of the waxing moon. As you write, concentrate your thoughts so that the sign is imbued with the power of your belief and positive energy.

 9. Energize a Room with the Sun and Moon sign
The signs of the Sun and Moon have an empowering energy when combined. It also signifies the balance of yin and yang. Place this symbol in your home to activate their special energy.

10. Wear the Wishfulfilling Mantra Ring at all times
Wear the mantra ring on any finger to create a protective aura and defend against negative vibes. It helps you achieve your desires when worn. Your goals can be for spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and material fulfillment. You can also wear the mantra ring on a chain around your neck.

11. Fire up your Love Life with Peach Blossom Luck
Identify your personal peach blossom animal. This will be either the Horse, the Rooster, the Rabbit or the Rat depending on your animal sign. Place a symbol of your peach blossom animal in a prominent place in its corresponding part of thye house. Then identify the peach blossom location of this year or the coming one. Activate the sector with a symbol of your peach blossom animal. This will energize your love life with new possibilities.

12. Place a Metal Feature in the Northwest
Protect the luck of the family’s breadwinner by placing Ksitigarbha’s six ring staff in the Northwest. You can also use a metallic sculpture of your choice if that is your preference. But make sure the sculpture you use is non-threatening and without poison arrows. The Northwest is the symbolic place of the father or leader of your house, and if he does well, so will the entire family by extension.

13. Place a Painting of 100 Birds just Outside your Front Door
Birds symbolize a variety of opportunities that have the potential to change one’s life for the better. They are also bringers of good news into the home. The more birds the better and it doesn’t matter what type they are, although colourful plumage is particularly auspicious.

 14. Place Sea Salt or Rock Salt Inside your Wallet to Attract Cash Luck
Sea salt has great cleansing properties but also has the capacity to attract wealth. Sewing several grains of sea salt into a small pouch in your wallet will attract cash into it and ensure money doesn’t leave your wallet.

15. Create an Aquarium filled with Little Fish for Career Luck
To boost you career luck, activate the North corner in your home with an aquarium. Make sure it is properly maintained. The swimming fish provide a constant source of yang energy in the North sector.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (May/June 2008)". To subscribe, please click here.