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Tip of the Month

7 Great Things to do This Spring


Create Gold Under Your Feet

Place a red packet of eight coins under a mat just outside the front door. This will attract good fortune to enter the home.

Get Yourself A Pet

The best time of the year to bring a dog, cat or rabbit into your home is during the spring months. Dogs bring yang energy into the home associated with abundance, especially golden colored dogs. Cats signify protection, especially white cats that symbolize the white tiger. Rabbits create romantic chi in the home and are said to be suitable for newly weds and young couples.

Clear Your Clutter

The area surrounding your front door is the area that must absolutely be clear of clutter, both inside and outside. Allow a free flow of new energy into your home. Keep this area free of clutter.

Clean Your Fish Tank

Those of you who have fish tanks inside your home, in the living or dining room areas, give your fish tank a thorough cleaning every few days. Merely doing this will attract major new opportunities into your life such as a new job offer, a promising job opportunity or the entree of a powerful mentor into your life. If the pump is not working, get it repaired. If fish look ill change them and if plants inside your aquarium are overgrown remove them for fresh ones. Clearing the fish tank wipes away all obstacles. When fish tanks get dirty they attract yin chi. Life stagnates!


Take A Family Portrait

The Spring months are the best time of the year to have a symbol of family togetherness made. The best way is to commission a family photograph, make certain every member of the family looks happy and relaxed. Stay close to each other. Then hang the picture in a public part of the house. This will ensure the family stays together for many years. Hanging a happy family portrait in a well feng-shuied home is a powerful amulet that protects them from accidents and mishaps.

Give Your Home An Incense Bath

Choose a Friday and select an auspicious hour. Using fragrant incense, capture precious sheng chi by burning it in your living room near your front door. Make sure your front door stays open when you do this. Choose an hour when the sun is not shining too fiercely. Do not do this if it rains.

Empower Yourself With Tree Energy

Trees radiate powerful wood and growth energy. If you are feeling frustrated with your job, unappreciated at home or stressed out by exams, take a walk in a nearby park or jungle track and soak up the energies of the trees.You can link yourself with a specific tree if there is one you feel a particular affinity with. Choose one that is strong and healthy. Generally, the older the tree & the thicker its trunk and branches, the more powerful the energy it imparts. Once you have chosen your tree, you need to get to know the tree before you begin to meditate on its energy. This you can do by sitting under the tree for a little while before you begin. When you are ready, place the palms of your hands on the trunk of the tree and close your eyes. When you become attuned to the tree & its mighty vibrations, you will feel a surge of energy. Soak in this energy and visualize it dissolving all the tension in your body. You’ll be surprised how this simple ritual works!