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Clear Your Emotional Clutter With Flower Essences


Clutter in the feng shui world has become synonymous with stuck energy. Clutter produces stagnant chi that undermines otherwise good feng shui, and can prevent even the most powerful cures from manifesting the desired results. Harmony and balance cannot be achieved until the chi of your home is elevated and encouraged to flow auspiciously.

by Elyse Furlong

Thanks to visionary feng shui teachers and practitioners, we know the importance of rolling up our sleeves and diligently clearing our clutter. By ridding ourselves of stacks of papers, recycling things we no longer love or use, and creating order out of disorder we begin to see our lives transform. Being in our space feels better and we experience more clarity.

However, many of us contain mental and emotional clutter that is even more insidious than the physical clutter in our homes. Negative thoughts and emotions distress our hearts and minds and undermine our happiness. This leaves us feeling angry, powerless, victimized, overwhelmed, afraid or depressed. These negative thoughts and feelings disturb our chi, and prevent us from experiencing true abundance. While emotional clutter isn't as obvious as physical clutter, it has the same powerful effect on our destiny. Universal truth teaches us that what we focus on expands. This explains why people who focus on their problems seem to have nothing but problems, and judgmental people find something to criticize everywhere they look. In contrast, the person who has faith and gratitude sees blessings and solutions at every turn.

We can learn to transform our negative thoughts and emotions into their positive counterparts with attention and knowledge. Merely ignoring or trying to overcome them by indulging in addictive behaviors (drugs, food & alcohol, obsessive exercising, working compulsively or watching TV) is the emotional equivalent of hiding clutter behind closed doors. We need to clear them, not merely try to cover them up.

There are many ways to release our emotional clutter. For example, yoga, meditation or journaling can be extremely beneficial and I recommend incorporating any that appeal to you into your life style. Each method has individual merit and used together can create marvelous synergy. However, the method that is nearest and dearest to my heart is Flower Essences. They have been instrumental in my life and the lives of my clients, friends and family. These subtle yet powerful liquid flower extracts are designed to bring our emotions into balance and harmony. A British physician and healer, Dr. Edward Bach, discovered them in the 1930s. He developed thirty-eight essences. Each of them treats a specific negative state. They can be taken singly or in combination. For example, the flower essence cure for fear is Mimulus. This essence contains the vibration of courage and can effectively dispel the negative emotion of fear.


Let's explore an example of how flower essences work. Sue and Diane were best friends. One morning on their way to work they had a heated argument. Diane had received a call just that morning inviting her to interview after work for a job that she really wanted. She had no babysitter and begged Sue to cancel her plans in order to watch her son. When Sue explained that she couldn't cancel her plans at the last minute, Diane became hurt and angry and accused Sue of being selfish, thoughtless and a horrible friend. Sue was speechless. She dropped Diane at her job and proceeded to work. But the day was off to a terrible start and Sue couldn't concentrate. She kept replaying Diane's angry comments over in her head and imagining what she could or should have said. One minute she felt hurt and angry, the next she felt guilty and wondered if she was wrong not to have cancelled her date. Her day was unproductive and she had a hollow feeling in the pit of her stomach. The only thing on her mind was her argument with Diane.

Sue was suffering from "Daydreamer Chi". Her physical body was present but her mind and memory were far away. I am sure that everyone can relate to this state. We've all had occasion to argue with a spouse, parent, supervisor or friend and experienced the unrelenting mental turmoil that makes concentrating impossible. While there are several feng shui cures for daydreamer chi, my favorite remedy is to reach for the bottle of White Chestnut, place two drops in a small glass of water and drink it. This flower essence will calm your mind, center your thoughts and allow you to function in the moment. Just a dose or two can bring you back into balance.

Now lets look at an example of a deeper seated, more long-standing emotional problem. Since childhood, Jim has been resentful because he believed that he was treated unfairly. He felt his siblings received preferential treatment from his parents. Even as an adult, life was disappointing and he complained that he always wound up with the proverbial short end of the stick. When he got married, he thought that his wife would make him feel special. Instead of lavishing her attention on him, she seemed more focused on her job and their child. Although he made a good salary at work, he was constantly passed over for promotions. Jim never imagined that his bitter and negative attitude, not an unreasonable boss, was holding him back.

From a feng shui perspective, Jim suffered from "Suspicious Chi" - chi that is located mainly in the head, and causes the person to be withdrawn and angry. In Flower Essence terms, Jim is a "Willow type". These individuals have suffered adversity and as a result feel victimized, bitter and resentful. They don't enjoy their lives and feel sorry for themselves. By taking the essence Willow on a regular basis, they begin to assume responsibility for their own emotional well being. Gradually they realize that their unrealistic expectations were causing their problems rather than the unjust actions of others. By releasing blame they gain newfound feelings of responsibility, self worth and strength. Over time, Willow can clear this long-standing emotional clutter and allow Jim to experience the true abundance and value in his life.

Sue and Jim illustrate just two examples of emotional clutter that can leave our mind and heart feeling heavy and encumbered. There are hundreds of negative emotions that cause internal disharmony and prevent us from feeling free to enjoy our lives. Depression, feeling stuck, lacking a purpose, being overwhelmed by responsibilities, fear, low self-esteem or suffering a loss or trauma are just a few common ones. By learning how to apply the healing essences discovered so long ago by Dr. Bach, we can begin to clear our inner clutter and enjoy the results of beneficial inner and outer chi.

I encourage you to learn how these gentle but powerful flower essences work so that you can incorporate them into your life and feel the benefits of their uplifting vibration. Flower essences are completely safe and easy to use. They allow us to antidote our negative emotions and come closer to achieving true harmony.

Elyse is a Flower Essence Practitioner and Black Sect Tibetan Buddhist tradition Feng Shui Practitioner. Her company, Essential Harmony, Inc. is located in Miami Beach, FL.

Special thanks to Dr. Bach for his discovery of the healing gift of the flowers, allowing us to elevate our emotions and come closer to experiencing our divinity. Thanks to Grand Master Lin Yun, head of Black Sect Feng Shui for his wisdom in transforming chi, and to my teacher, Katherine Metz, Art of Placement, for her clarity and support.