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These feng shui tips are reproduced from MIX FM's Windchimes & Pakuas, the new LILLIAN TOO program on Malaysia's MIX FM 94.5 for the benefit of our readers. Visit the official Mix Radio website at

by Lillian Too

 I have just shifted into a new house. Now, whenever I do my home work at night or play games on the computer at about 1 or 2 am in the morning, I feel something like a shadow pass by me. A few weeks ago at about 1am, I felt my neck go very hot - as if I had a fever - for about five minutes and then the feeling went away. Two of my housemates also felt something strange in the house. Please help us.
Joanne Lim
 Dear Joanne,
A POLTERGEIST IS IN YOUR HOME .. FEEL COMPASSION FOR THE POOR FELLOW. He is trying to tell you something or maybe just curious about modern day computers... YOU CAN WEAR AN AMULET. Look for a JADE HANGING with THE MYSTIC KNOT, which is a very powerful symbol . Better yet you can wear the mystic knot in white gold and diamonds which is part of my jewellery collection - it will also attract you lots of luck. the mystic knot is one of the mystical symbols used by many Asian traditions including the Chinese and the Tibetans.

 I born in the year of Rooster (April 1969) and have yet to meet my life partner. What can I do to help me meet the right person? What star-sign would be suitable for me? How can Feng Shui help me?
Sally Ng
Dear Sally,
For romance and love you need to surround your romantic corners with love symbols such as the double happiness symbol, a pair of beautiful mandarin ducks, some peony, the mystical knot which also means endless love and commitment and thus are great for marriage. As a rooster,try to look for anyone born in the years of the dragon, the ox or the snake, the best is the dragon who is the natural mate of the rooster. You will be very compatible and will bring each other luck

 My date of birth is 2 October 1980, born at 3am and I am female. In 2001, while I was still in my 1st year advance diploma studies, I had to stop because my parents were having financial problem. I am the eldest in my family therefore had to sacrifice my studies. I plan to futher my studies by doing part-time this year. I am working currently. When would be a good time for me to continue my course?
Audrey Chan
 Dear Audrey,
You are a wonderful person to have sacrificed yourself this way. I wish you loads of success which i am sure you will have. anyway you are still young ... actually this year is not a good year for you ... next year is better and the year after that will be even better.
 I have read one of Lillian Too's Feng Shui books. It says that I should place an aquarium on the North wall or Southeast (i think). Unfortunately, both those corners of my living room do not permit me to place one there. Can I place an aquarium in my dining area?
 Dear Mary,
Can you place it on the N wall of your dining room. if not then have it in the Southwest corner or wall fo your room

How can I energise my wealth luck? I am working for my family. I placed a 3-legged-toad under my work table. This toad is facing my office entrance door. I place the toad facing outwards during day time, and inwards when I go home. I also placed a wealth cat on my work table. Yet, I still can't see any improvement. What are some other ways to improve my wealth luck? My Kua number is 3, and my birthdate is 4 July 1979.
Suzanne Beh
 Dear Suzanne,
Well, for starters, make sure you are sitting in your wealth direction . Since your KUA is 3 sit facing an east group direction, the problem is this year, three of the east group directiosn has problems. East has the Five Yellow, South has the Grand Duke and north has the quarrelsome star as well as the Three Killings. So, you are left with Southeast. Try sitting facing this direction...

 My dad's relationship with my mum and brothers is very bad. They are always scolding each other. I get very upset each time and try my best to get the problem solved. What can I do to make them live in harmony? My parents house's main door is facing north.
Liew Siaw Lin
 Dear Liew,
Oh dear this year the NORTH has the quarrelsome star so your entrance is afflicted thereby affecting the whole house. Place an urn of yin water near the entrance here. Go to the World of Feng Shui store in Mid valley or KL Plaza to get this wonderful remedy for quarrels in the home. Just by placing the water feature near the entrance will subdue the anger and fighting and scolding. Do not place anything that will make it worse such as playing loud music or having a clock or windchimes here. And then in their bedroom, place a small round crystal under the bed . you can get a suitable one from the World of Feng Shui store as well.