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7 Tips to Boost Education Luck


Face your Fu Wei direction

Sit facing your personal Fu Wei direction when you are studying, and if possible, during examinations. Carry a compass with you to determine your auspicious directions. Fu Wei offers excellent education and personal development luck. Some masters also refer to it as the "wisdom" direction. You should also enhance the energy in your personal Fu Wei sector using symbols of good fortune to boost your education luck.

  1 (east group)   North
  2 (west group)   Southwest
  3 (east group)   East
  4 (east group)   Southeast
  5 (west group)   Southwest (for males)
  Northeast (for females)
  6 (west group)   Northwest
  7 (west group)   West
  8 (west group)   Northeast
  9 (east group)   South

Northeast for Education Luck

The northeast sector governs education luck and its element is earth. If you want to achieve good grades in your studies, you should activate the northeast sectors of your desk, study, bedroom and living room to boost your education luck. The best earth element energizers are natural quartz crystals and objects that represent the earth element. You can also use the fire element in the form of bright lights. Display the world map in the northeast sector and keep that corner brightly lit.

Carp for Scholastic Finesse

Display an image of the carp on your study desk to energize for education and knowledge luck. The auspicious carp symbolizes perseverance because of its legendary valor in swimming against the current of the Yellow River.

Hence, it is a fantastic energizer for scholastic finesse and superior knowledge.

Globe for Academic Success

The crystal globe is the ultimate enhancer for education, literary and scholastic luck. If you are student, this will bring you good luck in your studies and examinations.

Place it in the Northeast and twirl once a day.

West group individuals (kua # 2, 5, 6, 7 & 8) can also put this globe in their personal Fu Wei sectors.


Gemtree for Knowledge

This Amethyst Gemtree gives you spiritual insight coupled with intellectual reasoning. Place it on your study desk to help you to focus your mental powers and develop better concentration when you study.

Amethyst is a wonderful gemstone for opening your mind to new ideas while providing common sense and encouraging flexibility in decisions.

Display the amethyst gemtree in the northeast of your living room to promote the growth of knowledge.

Abacus for Analytic Ability

This abacus is an excellent energizer for students who want to excel in fields that require excellent skills in computing and analyzing figures. So if you need to get excellent grades in subjects like accounting, economics, computer science, mathematics, physics, then you should display this brass abacus on your study desk.

Personal Study Crystal

Every student should own a personal study crystal to energize for academic achievement. Hold the facetted crystal point in your hand when you are studying and put it on the northeast of your desk when you are not using it. Using a study crystal keeps you highly motivated so that you are more focused; it also improves your memory. Cleanse your crystal by soaking it for 7 days and 7 nights in a solution made by dissolving 7 spoonfuls of sea salt or rock salt in water. Rinse it thoroughly under running tap water before you begin using it. Keep your crystal in a pouch so that no one else touches it.