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Past Workshops

Intimate Moments with Couples & Families of MPC Students from 19 Countries!!

Every Class of Lillian Too’s Master Practitioners Course in Feng Shui (MPC) brings together a group of karmicly-linked individuals from around the world. This time we had students from 19 countries, families and couples who enrolled together to learn feng shui and to create lasting memories as a family... even bringing together mothers and daughters who live in three separate countries! It was a love fest of minds and hearts meeting warmly to engage in higher learning and a meaningful way to celebrate MOTHER’S DAY with Lillian and her family!

At least a few times each year we find ourselves in the company of some incredibly beautiful and warm people whose glow as individuals make us feel really good at what we do – which is to teach feng shui to as many people as possible. 

Our May 2012 MPC was another special event that gave us the opportunity to spend a glorious week getting to know the nicest people possible; all of whom came from far away. As far away as Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kenya, Venezuela, Philippines, Canada, the USA, French Polynesia, the UAE, Bulgaria, Russia, China and also nearer to home... Singapore and Malaysia!

The very lovely Paton Family from Sydney, Australia

This class was completely over-subscribed… with students bursting our intimate lecture room. They created a mix of accents and languages as they exchanged notes and made friends! One Ukrainian lady even brought her own interpreter to translate Lillian’s lecture on the spot! I could see that Lillian was in her element as she bonded with each and every one of her students, treating every single student as precious and important! She really has a knack this aunty of mine – and I can only say it must be that she believes so much in what she is doing.

We were honoured to play host to the Paton family from Sydney Australia. James Paton, a successful lawyer  brought his wife Margaret Shelton and their daughter Anna for a holiday in Malaysia, and chose Lillian’s MPC to immerse themselves in a week of cultural learning as well as satisfy his deep curiosity in learning more about feng shui! Having already read a few of Lillian’s books, the family was certain they would benefit from meeting Lillian in person! Barely a week after returning to his home in north of the Sydney, James emailed me to tell me he had already begun putting everything he had learnt to practice! He is energized and excited as he works out all the Kua numbers for his employees and begins all the necessary steps to rearrange office furniture for the benefit of all those under him! Such an amazingly kind employer and I can only say that few in the world are so lucky to have him for a father and a boss!

His very lovely wife Margaret and their beautiful daughter Anna also enjoyed learning feng shui from Lillian…


"Lillian's approach is one of pure joy and positivity! She is very wise and her warmth and energy is contagious!" says Anna Paton about Lillian, who intends to bring all her feng shui knowledge learnt over the week into her Architecture career!

This sweet and talented young lady is currently studying Architecture at University but we also discovered she is a professionally-trained BALLERINA... which surprised me when I learnt she was still single! Here’s where her mother Margaret has already made plans to remedy the situation - taking what she’s learnt in the course to activate Anna’s marriage corner!

Gaining practical experience from one of the few site investigations.

Wanda and Shanky working together on their Competition Case Study.

Learning to read the Lo-pan accurately is one of the skills taught in MPC.

A Global Mix: LR- Selin, Jane, Sera, Brian, Mary Cruz & Eldric.

First Prize Winners (L-R): Pooja Rajwani (India), Sivagami Suluraju (Malaysia),
Lillian Too, Olga Kislyakova and her mother Irina Kislyakova (Australia)

The third family of mother-daughter duo are two fabulous ladies Olga Kislyakova and mother Irina Kislyakova. Both drop-dead gorgeous ladies were originally from Russia, but today they operate their real estate business in the Gold Coast of Australia. Irina had always been drawn to the esoteric sciences and astrology, and feng shui sparked her interest when their fortunes changed several years ago. Her interest led her to Lillian’s books which brought her here! Irina intends to use her newly-acquired knowledge to further improve her real estate offerings to her clients.

Says Olga, "My life significantly improved after applying principles of feng shui in my home and business!" Both ladies decided to spend some mother-daughter time here in KL to learn feng shui from Lillian as well as tour all the spiritual historic sites nearby! They did very well too… their team won FIRST PRIZE in our feng shui competition case study!

This was surely the class with the largest group of Russian-speaking students! Lubov Timoshkova from the Ukraine came with her own Russian interpreter after giving up trying to make sense of the unauthorised and poorly-translated Russian copies of Lillian’s books available in her country. Her dream was to meet Lillian in person, and so this was a very wish-fulfilling trip for her! Sitting behind her was Inna Sasheta, a Russian lady who now lives in New Jersey, USA. Inna had already studied Cosmic Magic with Lillian in Santa Clara and felt she just had to learn feng shui from Lillian as well!

Across the other side of the lecture room was seated the young, elegant Kazakhstan lady Kymbat Imangaliyeva, an executive assistant to the CEO of an oil company! Kymbat was very fluent both in Russian as well as English, and really opened my eyes to how large the Russian speaking community was in the world! She too came here to learn directly from Lillian after discovering inconsistencies between Lillian’s original English books and the fake Russian translations! It was Kymbat’s fiancé who gave her this MPC as an engagement gift and encouraged her to take her learning to a higher level! So intelligent and so sweet, she had already helped herself and her friends improve their lives with feng shui and now she wants to use her knowledge to help more people in Kazakhstan benefit from feng shui.

Seated in front of Kymbat was the very attractive Iana Vervaeke, a property and interior consultant from Bulgaria who now lives in Dubai with her husband and 10 year old daughter.

Says Iana from Bulgaria... "I've been interested in feng shui for many years, but the more I read, the more confused I became, until I discovered the books written by Lillian Too. I followed her advice and started living my life the way she explained it... and it came to me so naturally. I saw a great way to blend that knowledge into my work in interior design, and I started getting more and more happy and satisfied clients! Lillian Too made me love feng shui and now everyone around me - my closest friends and family also are interest in it!"

And meet the Smiths from Tahiti French Polynesia! This sexy couple blew us away with their traditional lover’s dance on our Graduation Night Party - watching them gyrate in sync with each other’s movements just takes your breath away... you can really tell they are a couple so deeply in love with each other! Both flew 38 hours around the world to study feng shui from Lillian in KL. Reginald Smith works in the police force and his stunning French wife Veronique Smith owns the island’s largest children’s crèche in Tahiti using feng shui principles. Since refurbishing its feng shui to Period of 8, her centre now enjoys of a long list of parents eagerly waiting in line to secure a place for their toddlers - all this without having to advertise! Parents often remark how surprised they are to learn that their children slept so well at her day-care and not at home... which prompts Veronique to share her secret: every child in her crèche sleeps with their heads pointed to their good Kua directions!

We also had such a great time taking Spanish and Portuguese tips from our lovely Latin American students who are as excited as we are that Lillian will be visiting there in August! Rosana Noguiera, a vegetarian teacher from Brazil lectures at the Federal University and came to learn feng shui on the advice of her husband (another former MPC student)! After he feng shui-ed their apartment, she felt their relationship blossom into a deeper connection! For her, feng shui brings a new dimension to her spiritual practice which compliments her belief in Tibetan Buddhism. Mary Cruz from Venezuela already runs a thriving feng shui shop in Caracas, and she came here to learn all the advanced formulas of designing her “perfect feng shui house”. An avid fan of Lillian Too’s feng shui books, Mary Cruz has put its advice to good use and thanks feng shui for finding her true love!

Says Mary Cruz from Venezuela... "I have read Lillian's books for three years. I love how she writes and teaches feng shui. I was single for many years and I started to do some feng shui... two months later, a nice man came to my shop and now he is my husband!"

From North America we couldn’t have had a more eclectic mix of students! Raine Nobles our Texas-born bombshell massage therapist living in Los Angeles had us ooh-ing and aah-ing at the dramatic tattoos all over her body. Across her chest and décolletage is tattooed the most gorgeous purple HEART JEWEL held together by a colourful garland of flowers encircling her neck! Seated behind Raine was our vivacious model-like beauty Wanda Vorachit, a tall, slender Vietnamese American brunette who also happens to be a make-up and cosmetics expert living in San Diego. Across from her is another expert Marty Bergerud. He’s not a make-up expert but a software-engineering genius, whose talents go beyond creating software apps for the iPads and PCs! Marty was certainly the livewire of our Graduation Party, performing pitch and accent-perfect renditions of ELVIS PRESLEY tunes!

From Canada, our student Vilma Chan took a break from her health-care work and brought her entire family to Malaysia for a holiday while she learnt feng shui! Her husband bought her this MPC as his surprise birthday gift after Vilma improved their lives using feng shui annual cures each year! Seated in front is Sera Al an insurance broker also living in Canada. Sera became inspired to learn feng shui after reading Lillian’s books and now wants to help all her relatives improve their lives with feng shui as well.

This was also the first time we had students from China and Kenya! Hellen Waseka our Kenyan lady brought a bright spark to our class with her very positive and sunshiny attitude each day! Jane Zhang our Shanghai lady came to learn authentic feng shui because she felt that many of the feng shui texts available in China were confusing and difficult to understand. Her belief in feng shui began after activating her son’s Education corner and seeing it work so well for him! Jane then decided to go deeper into feng shui and enrolled for Lillian’s short online course... which has led her here to learn from Lillian in person!

From other parts of Asia, it was very nice to have Evie Lovina Irawan, our real-estate extraordinaire from Indonesia, who is striking both in looks and in personality. If you’re into luxury real estate or looking to purchase a private beach in Bali, Evie is your lady! Seated near her is Karen Motol from the Philippines whose love for feng shui was sparked since attending Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza in Manila back in 2006! Feng shui has helped her business grow and flourish, and now Karen wants to fine-tune her knowledge in flying star feng shui as she designs her third family home!

Also from the Philippines is the very charming Gretchen Marie, a business lady who looks 20 years younger than her real age! She too has used feng shui to expand her business! Gretchen first learned about feng shui when a Chinese supplier told her to cover her toilet facing her main door, which was flushing away her sales. Her sales increased after closing the toilet with a cure, and several feng shui years later, business has boomed! Having followed Lillian Too’s books for many years now, her favourite ritual is making incense offerings to the local deities, which has helped remove many obstacles for her and her friends...

Says Gretchen from Manila "I advised my friend whose mother-in-law was very sick to clean her house & clear her Southwest area which was a store room. She converted it into a new room, rang the five element bell and does incense offering often. Within three months, her mother-in-law had healed from her long-time illness. Since then she has also updated her house to Period of 8 and their business has improved so much better too!"

Seated next to Gretchen is Ana Goncalves from Portugal, whose main reason for coming was to meet Lillian in person. It had been her dream to finally meet her feng shui idol whose books have helped improve her family and business life! Ana runs her own accounting firm in Portugal and hopes to one day spread the word on feng shui in her country when she has retired!

As always, we are so thrilled when we have students from India and Sri Lanka! Many come from different backgrounds but the very special thing they have in common is their deep respect for spirituality and a real zeal for learning feng shui! Captain Pradeep, who heads the commercial arm of a shipping company in Dubai was originally from Sri Lanka, and came to learn from Lillian after improving his life through advice given by another former student of Lillian’s, Captain Sirpreet! Rosa Chandima (Sri Lanka) was also inspired by her results in using feng shui - after changing her main door and activating her career luck, she received a promotion within three months! Nishanti Joseph also from Sri Lanka, wanted to meet Lillian in person after benefitting from her books and website!

Nishanti says... "I'm living a happier and healthier life now all because of feng shui! In Sri Lanka, it is very difficult to achieve a higher position in education… but with help from activating my education luck with feng shui principles, I was able to graduate with two degrees and sit for professional exams!"

And from India we had Shanky Sachdev, a very suave diamond dealer who also holds a prestigious gemmology degree from Belgium! Feng shui changed his father’s life after they invited the Laughing Buddha into their home and was since encouraged to go deeper into the subject. Like Shanky, our goddess-beauty Pooja Rajwani was also influenced by her parents... in her case, it was her mother who urged her to take up feng shui professionally! Pooja is multi-talented in the esoteric sciences; she is also a pranic healer, a tarot card reader and skilled in the Chinese art of Paht Chee reading! Pooja and Shanky entertained everyone with their version of “Jai Ho” during Graduation night! We had so much fun singing and dancing it was as if Bollywood had descended on our party! Nandini Pramod our other Rooster lady from India wants to become a consultant one day, and came to learn feng shui from an “authoritative source” after researching many online sites and reading Lillian’s books.

Closer to home, we had Sivagami Suluraju, a medical doctor from Shah Alam (Malaysia) whose medical practice and financial status improved for the better after using feng shui to arrange her clinic and her home! We also had four students visiting from Singapore... from the finance and banking industry this time! A very lovely couple Brian Soh and his very sweet wife Selin Tan - both work in the banking sector in operations and project management. They came to learn feng shui after observing how well feng shui has worked for their friends. Dorothy Tan, a financial controller, also came to learn how to use feng shui to improve her work and personal life. Eldric Loo a Sales Manager who had been attending Lillian’s Singapore Extravaganza since 2008 also joined MPC to deepen his knowledge on feng shui. And his personal story? Recruiters started head-hunting him after he pasted bird decals by his main entrance to activate opportunity luck!

Personal Letters from...

Veronique Smith
of Tahiti

I got married and had two children without knowing anything about feng shui… then I saw my best friend Reri change her life using feng shui and I learnt so much from her courses! In the beginning, I moved all my furniture in my home so we could face our good directions. And then I placed all the feng shui cures for 8 Mansions and Flying Stars that I got from World of Feng Shui Tahiti and it worked! I used the cures for my family and for me... and we cured all the "bad stars" in our rooms.

Our life now is very different from before. Our children have become studious and serious, and our house is now calm with a lot of love. My husband has such a great team in his job and my day care is doing so well! For my day-care, I also used feng shui. I changed the roof, the floors and the main door and re-painted everything. Since then we always have such a lot of children come here, they are so happy, and my staff work well together! I always have parents want to send their children here, and I don't have to do publicity! My day-care success has come so quickly and it's all thanks to feng shui!

Every day I can see my life change for the better and now I can't live without feng shui! Thank you Mrs Lillian Too for the books and for making our lives so happy!


Wanda Vorachit
of San Diego after MPC

To my mentor, Lillian Too, thank you for teaching me through your actions the values of passion, integrity and unwavering commitment to help the world through Feng Shui. Your love of life fills me up every day. I feel extremely fortunate to have taken the MPC in Malaysia! The experience was incredible! The WOFS staff really make you feel like family… their dedication to help us learn gives me so much love and joy. Thanks so much! And I also want I express special thanks to WOFS staff for encouraging me to get the Precious Elephant Silk Scarf with Increasing Wealth Amulet and the Wind Horse scarf with Success Amulet! I work in sales at Saks Fifth Avenue cosmetics department and when I told my co-workers about the scarf and they said "whatever, I have to see it to believe it." I wore it to work, my sales increased and it felt phenomenal! I'm telling you it really works!! It's so amazing and powerful! Thanks so much!!


Dear Lillian,

On behalf of my family and myself, a BIG thank you for taking us deeper into the world of feng shui! We all felt that some kind of magic was operating from the moment we reached Kuala Lumpur! We know now that it was good energy coming to meet us!

We enjoyed it all - the absorbing lectures, friendly helpful staff, and diversity of students. We learned again to appreciate the value of our family unit. Our week in Malaysia was calm and relaxed, despite the fact that three strong personalities were living together in one small hotel room - more evidence of the good energy finding us!

Back home, we are now concentrating on putting our new-found knowledge to work... and the best part is that we can discuss and share the experience we had together. Thank you for making us feel so welcome and valued in an atmosphere where it was a pleasure to participate and learn. With very best wishes for the future and fond.

Margaret Shelton
Sydney, Australia.


Dear Lillian,

I would like to thank you so much for introducing us all to feng shui. We had such a wonderful week of positive experiences, learnt so much and met so many lovely people!

Your energy and that of your WOFS family, especially Jennifer, Honey, Stanley, Phillip and Connie has invigorated us like no other event in our lives. Your influence is all around, both personally and in our house and soon I am sure, at the office! I feel very honoured and special to have had such a rare opportunity to learn and appreciate at many levels the world and space around me.

Your teachings and energy have been life-changing for me in many ways and I now look at my life, the future and how I interact with people, objects and the other creatures we share our space with so differently thanks to you.

The bonus of it all is that it has been enlightening and so much fun! You are a special person so please keep up all the good work you do for everyone.

It must be hard at times to keep the energy level and strength so constant, knowing how many people rely upon you in so many ways! I hope your arm has improved to allow you to keep writing... remember there is always a Dictaphone, they are easy to use, especially the digital models!

I wish you continued good luck in the future. Thank you for the fantastic party at your home, we all had a ball, certainly a night I will not forget in a long time! It was kind of you to be so trusting of us when you've never really met us before... such a privilege! Our WOFS parcel has just arrived and we can't wait to open it! It is almost better than Christmas morning! I hope we can meet again sometime in the future.

Love from me and my family,
James Paton (Sydney, Australia)

Would you like to meet Lillian and attend one of her Courses?

Want to meet Lillian in person and have lots of fun meeting interesting people and learning feng shui or magic? Our next MPC will be held on 8th – 13th October and Lillian’s Cosmic Magic class will happen in 19-24th November. Please book early to enjoy special rates and secure your place. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request for an info-pack on both courses.