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Past Workshops

MCC Course - October 2004

Nothing beats the exhilaration of earning recognition after going through one whole week of feng shui studies, including sitting for an examination and submitting a case study report. Students partaking the Master Consultants Course (MCC) will be glad to know that they will take home a Certificate of Attendance, which can be considered a stepping-stone to Lillian Too’s Diploma in Feng Shui.

Over the duration of the six days, the MCC held in October was participated by 36 students from France to Mauritius to the USA. All have studied the Master Practitioner Course (MPC) beforehand, and their coming together again had these participants eagerly sharing their feng shui experiences and ideas.

In general, it is recommended for one to have completed Lillian Too’s MPC or to be practicing feng shui for at least three years to be eligible to sign up for the MCC, since this course offers a more exhaustive look into feng shui studies. As such, students will be able to apply their feng shui skills and experience with more confidence. By improving their feng shui skills, a vast range of business opportunities will open up for them. Plus with Lillian’s sharp insight and personal advice, the prospects of successful endeavours are endless.

As an advanced course with a difference, the MCC is far from being a scholastic program, instead, it is about practicality and is user-friendly. Covering the flying star charts, trigram charts and eight mansion charts, the course includes time influences of annual and monthly stars, interaction between the eight mansion and flying star charts, also the analysis of the 4-pillar chart – in terms of luck, wealth and health chart prediction, compatibility and remedies from short- to long-term cures.

For the participants, the end of the course brought about much excitement over their newfound skills and also an emotional parting with Lillian and fellow course mates. Anticipation also filled the air on graduation night as students waited for their exam results. Of the 36 students, 5 achieved distinctions and 10 passed with credit. Special congratulations go to Richard Hoo of Malaysia, who came top of the class with 87%. The other distinction passes went to Tan Hup Cheng, Jason Eng, Nathiya Himathongkham and TY Tan.

Participants cheered each other on and the night was filled with happy hearts and much enthusiasm. As usual, the glittery party had ladies decked in their best gowns as students mingled with the light tinkling of wine glasses. Students also received their certificates from Lillian. She closed the night with good wishes to all the participants and wishing them the best of luck as they journeyed into a new world of feng shui.