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Past Workshops

MPC Graduating Class November 2004

40 students from around the world made up the November batch of Master Practitioners Course students. There were students from Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Mauritius, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, USA and Vietnam. There was also a mother and son team, as well as a Buddhist monk! Throughout the course there was great camaraderie, and the students helped each other during the course by sharing ideas, brainstorming, and in particular, work in groups in the competition case study to try and win the class prize.

The course is always chock-a-block full of activities from day one, with Lillian teaching the entire course personally with her panache and style. Said one student, “Lillian is wonderful. She makes feng shui come alive. We are so glad we came for the course.” Another student said it was his dream to make it to the course, and he has not been disappointed.

The MPC course is structured to give each student a firm foundation in the various schools of feng shui, to a level where they can confidently plan their own feng shui or carry out feng shui consultations for clients. Some students came because they wanted to improve their own knowledge of feng shui, while others came because they want to pursue a career in feng shui. There are many areas one can branch into, if one wants to practise feng shui professionally – in consulting, retail, teaching, or even as a skill to compliment their day jobs (architects, interior deisngers, healers…)

The week included morning lectures, while afternoon sessions were either classroom lectures, class discussion or site visits. They learned how to use the Luo Pan, the feng shui compass, both in the classroom as well as outside of it. The Luo Pan is like a short-cut tool. All the formulas you need to perform a feng shui study of a property is included in the rings of the Luo Pan. The secret is how to unlock all that information. These were of course all taught in the MPC. No feng shui practitioner who has familiarized themselves properly with the Luo Pan would want to perform another feng shui audit without one!

The week ended on Saturday, culminating in the graduation party. Apart from plenty of wining, dining and the presentation of certificates, the part everyone was waiting for was the announcement of the Competition Case Study winners!

The first prize went to Group E, comprising of Juanita Tan, Lee Chung Howe, Michelle Liew, Choong Kai Wai, Genie See, Marc-Olivier Rinchart and Johann Bauer.

The second prize was awarded to Group B, comprising of Vinod Assabdas Khemlani, Candy Tan, Majid Shaikh, Edwin Lim, Karl Hack, Vandana Vij and Ang Losang.

The third prize was given to Group F, comprising of Tan Lai Hong, Susan Ko, Eng Choon Ai, Wong Piaw Yow, Leona Leo Pui Ying, Amy Lee Jun Jong and Pri Adilbert.

We look forward to keeping in touch with the graduating class of Nov 2004! For more info on the next MPC class, please click here.

Letters From Students

Dear Lillian,
I considered myself so very fortunate to have spent these days with you and learn so much about your art. This has been like a dream come true for me, as I have been looking up to you for inspiration for the last 5 years. Your techniques are excellent and every cent is worth your time and attention. The amount of hard work you put in for us is something I will treasure all my life. The hospitality has been excellent. The staff has been so wonderful and helpful.

I will be going back with a lot of knowledge and determination to help people improve their lives. You are wonderful person to have shared this with us and have helped us tremendously to be a better person and improve the world to be a better place to live in when we share our knowledge with other people too.
Thank you so much.
Vandana - USA

Dearest Lillian,
I am glad that I made the decision to fly here and attend this course. You have made it such an enjoyable and fun class for everyone. Hope that we will stay in touch and will see you in Melbourne next year.
All the best!
Genie See - Australia

Dear Lillian,
I came as a Feng Shui Beginner, and I’m still a beginner, but I have learnt so much within this week that I cannot believe it. I know now that a lot of work is waiting for me. I have so much to learn further, but with your advice it won’t be a problem. I want to thank you too for re-lighting a spiritual aspect of my life that I have forgotten. Thank you.
All the best!
Johann Bauer – Belgium

Dear Lillian,
It was an honour to be here, to experience your teaching and wisdom.
“Fame and Fortune require open minds and open hearts.” By C. Haight-Ortiz
You reinforced my belief and I hope I will be reading more of your wise books, and also live up to your Feng Shui standards.
Christine Haight-Ortiz – USA