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Past Workshops

Lillian Too's August 2004 MPC class

45 participants have recently completed Lillian Too's Master Practitioners Course on Feng Shui, held in Kuala Lumpur last month. The MPC course is a comprehensive professional feng shui course aimed at those who want to practice feng shui seriously, whether for themselves, or as a professional consultant doing feng shui for others. This class comprised of an international mix of students from Australia, Austria, India, Northern Ireland, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, USA and Malaysia.

Classes were held at the WOFS head office lecture theatre room, which has been newly refurbished to include state of the art teaching tools. The six-day course comprised of lectures in the morning, where Lillian taught with power point together with invaluable notes for students to take away and revise in the evenings. The afternoon sessions were practical sessions where students worked through examples and case studies. The MPC covers everything from the fundamentals of feng shui, to the more difficult formulas in feng shui, including Eight Mansions, Trigram Charts, Flying Star, supplemented with site visits to use feng shui in practice. Each day, Lillian was giving more than what she had in the structured syllabus.

The week culminated with a detailed competition case study, where students were split into groups, and had to make recommendations on how to improve the feng shui of a property given the floor plans, elevations and case history of the family living on the property. The recommendations had to include consideration for the recent change to period of 8. Said Lillian on the case studies of this group, “the standards of the answers were impressive. They were obviously listening in class!” She also added that she hoped they would use their feng shui knowledge well and to benefit others.

Winners of the competition case study won fabulous prizes, which were given out during graduation night on Saturday where everyone came in their evening finery to enjoy the wine, food and karaoke!!

Winners were :

First Prize:

Tossaporn Sritula (Chang), Sue Rowlands, Jean Kirkland, Janet Low Fong Har, Sherry Low Fong Peng and Stacey Chan Wai Yi

Second Prize:

Ain Chong, Leong Ka Ban, Tan Eu Teik, Seah Chong Hean, Barbara Harwell and Bertie Von Weissen

Third Prize:
Ann Loo Phaik Yen, Subathra Thavamoney, Cheryl Byrne, Sharel Tan Beng Ee, Peggy Yong Suck Cheng and Neeraj Duggal

The graduation party began with red wine and merry making. The intensive week of learning was put aside for the moment, where instead, the students really let their hair down to enjoy the social part of the week. From starters to main courses, each dish was carefully designed with a feng shui theme in mind, decorated with auspicious symbols of wealth, health and happiness. After the certificates were presented to participants, there was the announcement of the winners, followed by the wish balloon ritual, singing, dancing and of course dessert!

We look forward to keeping in touch with alumni of the graduating class of Aug 2004. For more info on the next MPC class, please click here.

Dear Lillian,

Thank you from the depths of my being for all you poured into the August 2004 Master Practitioners Course. There is no question that you give abundantly to your students and the process of learning from you is sheer bliss! (They can’t teach that at Harvard…….that comes from your Heart and Soul!) Your teaching is as multi-layered and captivating as Feng Shui itself. You began with a seemingly “elementary” foundation of explanations and examples, and then, in what seems like no time at all, you guided us into the multi-faceted layers of complex formulas along with practical experiences and insights that clarified the intricacies and variances of those amazing Feng Shui formulas. You are a true Magician in the highest sense of the word!

By the time I arrived home it was difficult to tell if I was suffering more from jetlag or mental overload….and believe me, both were worth every moment of “discomfort”. I do have to share one of my experiences from the process with you……please feel free to share it with anyone who would benefit.

You will understand how astonished I was when I arrived home with my Lillian Too’s Master Practitioners Lo Pan … excited to substantiate the Feng Shui enhancements and cures I had put in place in our home prior to my attending the MPC……only to find that my previous calculations were off by 45 degrees! (As a side note, while I was in Malaysia I lost my trusty compass that I had used for the past 9 years……it was a bit curious to me, but with new Lo Pan in hand I was not going to give it much more than a passing thought.. I just pray no one finds and uses that compass!) My mind was blown and my partner was totally relieved because I had told him we could not cure our Northwest kitchen and we would have to move! As it turns out, the kitchen is in the North and the facing direction of the house is Northeast 1…sitting direction Southwest 1…and I have made the necessary adjustments to my previous miscalculations. Right On!!!

Lillian, I could go on for pages with new revelations that continue to arrive each day thanks to you and the Master Practitioners Course….perhaps there is a book here! I am eternally grateful for the life path you have chosen in presenting the beautiful practice of Feng Shui to the world in such an understandable and useable format…it is a true service to humanity! May you continue to be richly blesses in all that you do!

Warm Regards
Barbara Harwell