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Past Workshops

Another Fabulous MPC Course !

Lillian Too’s recent Master Practitioner’s Course held in April of this year brought together 41 students from around the world, forming a diverse group with a mutual interest for the fabulous living skill of Feng Shui. The weeklong course was made up of lectures, class discussions, practical sessions with the Luo Pan, site visits, case studies, and (apparently we hear) long nights at the hotel bar debating and discussing feng shui and other things.

Held in the lecture theatre of WOFS head office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the students registered bright and early Monday morning, and proceeded to introduce themselves to each other before class formally started. Everyone had their pen and paper prepared to furiously jot down notes, but in the end preferred to listen, since there were comprehensive handouts for all the slides covered in the lectures.

Talking to the students, they all came to the course for different reasons. Some want to be able to do their own feng shui without engaging a feng shui consultant. Some had read tons of books but wanted to gain confidence before attempting big changes to their homes. Some wanted to understand feng shui consultations they’d had done in the past. Others were looking to pursue feng shui as a career path. Whatever their reasons, there was plenty in the course to suit their different needs, and it was great fun interacting with people with different aims and goals. But the more immediate aim this week was to learn, and to truly understand all the nuances when applying feng shui.

Practical Work with the Luo Pan

It was a chock-filled week with lectures in the morning (class discussion, practical sessions and site visits in the afternoon, culminating in a competition case study on the last day, where the students were divided into groups of 6 or 7 and given a full project case study to analyze and submit. Results for the competition were announced on Graduation Night, when Lillian announced the winners from third place to first place.

But before announcing the winners, she went through the case in detail and explained why some groups did better than others. However, she also mentioned that this graduating class was exceptionally good, producing very thorough and correct analysis, and it was difficult to pick just 3 winners. In the end, she had to award two third places, because the results were so close.

Winners of the Group Case Study Competition were:

First Place: Second Place:
Group D Group A
1) Ad tan
2) Cindy Esther Valle Sierra
3) Holly
4) Laura Mills Smith
5) Tan Hup Cheng
6) Tabarruk Abdullaev
1) Caroline Lam
2) Chan Weng Thim
3) Clamond Ng
4) Irene Tan
5) Low Yu Keat
6) Thilangani Herath
7) Surinjit Kaur
Joint Third:  
Group F Group C
1) Charlotte Lee
2) Francis Lim
3) LIm Hooi Teck
4) Lucy Kok
5) Marites Allen
6) Michael Chung
7) Tenah Comninos
1) Alvyn Lee Kien Shen
2) Henry Kiong
3) Janet Yung
4) Joannie Lung
5) Meggie Wong
6) Pamela Tan
7) Simon Tham

One of the most touching moments came after all the class participants were presented with their certificates and the winners for the competition had been announced. This time, it was the class’ turn to give something back to Lillian. And they had written Lillian a poem! Recited with much panache by our very own My Big Fat Greek Wedding’s look-alike, Judith Jonna from the USA, we’ve reproduced the poem here:


Judith Jonna from the US recites
the specially written ode for Lillian Too

Lillian, Lillian, Lillian Too!
We came form all over to learn from you
We spent dollars, euros, ringgit and yet
We took out our charge cards and did it again

Through you our class created ‘international chi’
We have your picture, autograph and 9-eyed Dzi,
When we see Lady Tara we’ll be reminded of you
Lillian, Lillian, Lillian Too!

We wish you more fame, good luck and success
So that your business will grow in the US
Lillian, Lillian, Lillian Too!
With your infectious personality we all love you!

Alamak! Alamak! Alamak!
We learned Flying Stars, Lo Pan and Pa Kua!
We are creating a precious energy flow,
And with your website we will all grow.

Your staff is delightful and we cannot resist
Letting you know you will surely be missed!
Lillian, Lillian, Lillian Too!
We cannot get enough of the spirit in you!

Period 8 is sure to be great,
To use your knowledge we cannot wait
Feng shui – you gave us the whole story
One day we hope to have the same glory!

Lillian Too – We love you!

From the students of the MPC April 2004 Graduating Class





Dear Lillian,
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and skills with us so that we can carry it on to help those in need. I feel very blessed to be here and be your pupil. There are no words… I hope this world had more people with the kind of heart and soul as yours!

Que Dios Te Bendiga! God Bless You! Contagious love and compassion and much more… you!

With love,
Cindy E. Valle Sierra,
Venezuela, USA

Dear Lillian,
I have had the most incredible experience of my life. Surely I have much to learn, but I’ve definitely been enriched with so much knowledge on feng shui it is unbelievable. Lillian, you are the most dynamic person I have ever met in my life. I am so very grateful to Almighty for making me able to be your student!

Ronak Lakhani
Karachi, Pakistan

Dear Lillian,
It’s wonderful to get to know you up close and personal. You are such a lovely, happy, humble person even with the amount of attention you get from the media. I’m glad that I have made it to this MPC, it’s really cleared up many of my doubts but still have some to get familiar with as time goes by.

Clamond Ng,
Penang, Malaysia

Dearest Lillian Si Fu,
The past few days has opened my mind to a lot of things that have been in my mind for a long time. I hope I can use it to change my life.

Thank you,
Chan Wenh Thim,

Dear Lillian,
I am glad that I have attended this MPC where I have learned so much and enjoyed “Lillian’s Hahaha” lecture, which provided me with wonderful information that answered most of my questions. I shall be back for the MCC to explore deeper into the unknown!!

Thank you!
Ad Tan

Dear Lillian,
Feng shui has always been my passion and being here the whole week has been a long waited moment to be your student. I would like to thank you sincerely for all that you have shared with me and my family.

Thank you!
Irene Tan

Dear Lillian,
You are such a wonderful lady. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge with us. I will continue to study and learn.

Love you,
Laura Mills Smith