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Past Workshops

MPC Class Of November 2003

Lillian Too’s Master Practitioners Course November 2003 was made up of as colorful and cosmopolitan a mix of students as ever, 46 in all. They not just came from different parts of the world, ranging from Spain to Beirut, to Russia, Dubai, Phillipines, USA, India and of course Malaysia and Singapore, they came from all walks of life. There was a medical doctor, several architects, a teacher, an advertising and media person, and even two Buddhist nuns!

 Class of November 2003

The first day of the course covered the fundamental concepts of feng shui, building blocks upon which all feng shui theories and formulas are built upon. She put into perspective the depth of feng shui and its use throughout the past 1000 years, then brought feng shui into the modern context and how to use it in today’s fast-moving and greatly different world.

On the second day, the class completed the fundamentals of feng shui session, then moved on to learn the secrets of making a wealth vase. There was also lively group discussion on what had been learnt in the first two days.

Day three covered the 8 mansions formula of feng shui. Lillian also began teaching how to use the Luo Pan, the indispensable tool of any feng shui practitioner. In the afternoon class, she went even more in depth into using the feng shui compass, giving the students practical experience on how to take directions, and how to take accurate feng shui readings with the Luo Pan. Each ring of the Luo Pan was also taught and students had practice on using this powerful tool.

On day four, Flying Star feng shui was introduced to the class, from how to fly the stars in order to plot the natal chart for the home, to analyzing the chart once you had plotted the chart. Several combinations of charts were discussed and several case studies were given to the students so they could have a good feel on how to carry out a feng shui consultation, whether for themselves or for future clients.

Day five went further into Flying Star methods and uses, where they learnt not just the black and white facts, but the gray areas of feng shui and how to cope with homes and properties that are difficult to feng shui. Later in the day, the participants were taken to a practical case study site, and were divided into groups to work on the Competition Case Study. The competition case studies were submitted late on Friday, so leaving Saturday’s class free for revision of what was covered through the week. Lillian also taught them space clearing on the last day, as well as discuss the competition case study. The one thing on everyone’s mind was who had won, but that had to wait till the graduation party on Saturday evening.

The graduation dinner was held at Lillian’s beautiful and recently renovated home. They were given a tour of the home, as well as treated to lots of local delights such as “Pai Tee”, “Roti Jala” and “Ayam Percik” as well as some Western treats as well. The “Tosai” was out of this world though! After much wining and dining, everyone gathered in the main hall for the graduation ceremony and the announcement of the winners of the competition.

Group A came in first, which was made up of Aileen Soo, Elizabeth Leong Thong Mei, Jeanette See, Dr. Kishan Rijhwani, Marie-Lise Chabtini, Richard Goh Kim Hou, Tarini Baswal and Tony Tan.

Group B came in second and it consists of Anna Tan, Henie Martina Arnan, Katherine Ann Nelson, Leonard C F Yee, Mervyn Lee Kienvy, Russel Paul Ferrier, Teo San San and Victorija Kovlenko.

Group D came third consisting of Carole Colbert, Mervin Hung Lam Keong, Kelvin Soon San Sui, Leong Seng Kin, Mina Tevas-Norgren, Sheila Leaman and Thubten Dechen.

After the prize giving ceremony, the certificates of participation were given out to the participants individually. The Highlight of the evening would be the Balloon Releasing ceremony, where the participants wrote their wishes on the balloons and released them into the sky. After that, participants stayed on to have a few last drinks before bidding farewell and see you again to their newfound friends in the world of feng shui.
A wonderful week but all good things have to end somewhere.

We hope to see all again soon, perhaps for the Chap Goh Meh Ball on the 5th Feb 2004!

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A genuine and wonderful feng shui guru ~ Michael Ng Chee Loong

An enjoyable and wonderful course. The staff are marvelous, kind and helpful; no less Lillian herself, a truly professional celebrity. Other course participants were also nice and mixed well socially. Lillian’s feng shui has indeed been an inspiration and seems to have changed my life to a certain extent. Hope to attend her MCC course in the future ~ Jeanette See.

I believe it is affinity that brings us all together for this MPC. I’ve had a great time with all the participants, not forgetting the wonderful staff of WOFS. I’ve learnt a lot from this course and accumulated a wealth of knowledge. ~ Sincerely, Jackie

It’s been a great pleasure to be one of Lillian’s students and I’m very happy to be able to meet her in person and learn a lot from her. Very friendly staff and very helpful and my son had a great time too. The highlights of this MPC was that Lillian was so kind in inviting us to her fantastic house. I wish to come back one day. ~ Sincerely, Mina.

I have been reading quite a number of Lillian’s feng shui books for about 7-8 years. It is my pleasure to meet such a wonderful master, kind hearted with a great sense of humor in person. ~ Moy Mee Leng

I just don’t know how to put it in words, and where to start. Just being here has taught me so much. It has bee a wonderful experience. I’m going to miss every single moment spent here, but will carry good thoughts from this day. Thank you so much Lillian. ~ Russel

It’s been a great honor to be a part of the “feng shui” world in whatever small way and I’m really thankful to be able to have the honor of meeting Lillian Too who’s the very essence of “feng shui” ~ Sharon

I’ve learnt a lot and now I know where I am going wrong. Thanks to Lillian for generous passing of knowledge. ~ J Sugu.

Dearest Lillian, thank you for giving us the very best. ~ Leonard Yee

I knew nothing about feng shui, but after attending the MPC class, I am now a convert! I will spread feng shui for peace, harmony, love and, of course, wealth! It’s all about attitudes in life. ~ Tony Tan.

Dear Lillian, This is an experience for me, full of fun, love and wonders. I hoped for so much and I feel fulfilled. I pray that God will bless you and your family. ~ Much love, Priti.

Dear Lillian, Words fail me how to express my love respect and gratitude for you. The week spent in your November MPC course has been the most positive period of my life. Apart from the enormous knowledge of feng shui we gained, we admired the kind spiritual, warm and humble aspect of you. Each one of us in the class wanted the course to be a never-ending one so that we can see you more. We liked Malaysia, more so because you are there. I hope to come to Malaysia again and hope to see you again there. ~ With love, Dr. Kishan Rijhwani