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Past Workshops

A Wonderful Week of Fun & Learning

Forty-eight participants made everup the graduating class of August 2003 of Lillian Too's Master Practitioners Course in Feng Shui. They came from Cyprus, USA, Singapore, Oman, China, Brunei, New Zealand, Mexico, Japan, India, Germany, Australia, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Spain and of course, Malaysia.

Each day was packed with information and learning. Day One started with an introduction of the participants to one another, followed by Lillian giving a brief history of feng shui and how it came about. The group found this extremely helpful as the basic concepts were presented and it help clear up any doubts they had about feng shui. During the break, the participants manage to have one-on-one sessions with Lillian where they got to know her personally. Class carried on till lunchtime, although not much time was spared for lunch due to the amount of questions the students had for Lillian!

After lunch, participants reconvened and were bussed over to the World of Feng Shui flagship store at Midvalley Megamall, where Lillian gave the participants a tour, explaining the significance and meanings of all the good fortune symbols in the shop. She also introduced them to various feng shui cures and remedies, showing them how to use each one to counter bad luck or to enhance good luck.

Day Two covered the Eight Mansions formula in detail. Examples of homes were presented to show how the good and bad sectors of homes are identified. The selection of rooms of the house was also taught. As usual there were a lot of questions, as well as some lively debate in class, but all uncertainties of this method of feng shui were cleared up.

Day Three covered the advanced 24 mountains formula, where the group was taught how to fine tune personal directions to maximize good luck. After lunch, Lillian moved on to teach the participants how to use the Feng Shui Lou Pan. She gave detailed explanations of each formula on the Lou Pan and what each character on the Lou Pan meant. This was a very practical, hands-on session and WOFS assistants were on hand to help out.

Day Four covered Flying Star feng shui, introducing the concept of Chi as a dynamic movement of energy. The participants were taught how to cast flying star natal charts, and how to analyze these charts. Case discussions of the participants' own floor plans were discussed, resulting in many interesting recommendations being made. Case study analysis took up most of the day. As a bonus on day four, a video presentation on how to make a wealth vase was played, after which Lillian explained the fine points, and gave participants a special ingredient for them to put into their wealth vases. At the end of the day, the participants were given an optional presentation on the World of Feng Shui affiliate program. This presentation is exclusive to MPC participants only.

On Day Five, more flying star case studies were discussed. The highlight of the day was the visit to Lillian's home in the afternoon. Here, they were given a chance to test out the skills they had learned over the past few days. The main objective of the visit was to allow the students to study the house and all its feng shui features, where they had to prepare reports on recommendations for the house. Lillian gave out clues on what she would like to have in her life in the next few years. The reports were produced in groups, where participants could brainstorm together to come up with effective but practical solutions. This was part of the Competition Case Study exercise where prizes would be awarded to the winners, 1st and 2nd runner up groups.

Early on Day Six, the participants gathered together to discuss the cases, and were careful not to divulge any information to the other teams. They all worked hard to come up with a fit solution. When Lillian arrived, she started to discuss the Period 8 Charts with the participants, showing them reason to change or not to change to period 8. Lillian then moved on to teach space clearing, a ritual to purify the energies of any living space. Once class was concluded, the participants returned to completing their case study answers.

The Graduation Night party was held at Infinity, where participants were treated to wine and a hefty amount of local Malaysian Delights. Once appetites were satisfied, the graduation ceremony began.

First, the winning study groups were announced, followed by the presentation of prizes.

First prize went to Group F : Cristina Chang, Richard Hoo, Koh Chee Kin, Jacinta Lim, Primavera Zatarain, Thompson Tan and Thanh Pham.

Second prize went to Group C : Ann Chan, Francisco G Moyano, Julian Wee, Lenny Kho, Nathiya Himathogkham, Sandy Henry, Joanne Tan and Virginia Mansala.

Third prize went to Group A : Ajay Bobby Gharu, Christine Herzing, Jennifer Nguyen, Khong Pui San, Maria Teresa Macial, Rosalind Tan, Tan Gait Bee and Udo Koenig.

The case studies were judged based on depth of analysis, quality of the analysis and the correct use of feng shui principles. After the presentation of the prizes, certificates were presented to all the participants.

With all the formalities over, the Karaoke and Dance part of the evening started. We had a particularly rousing rendition of Macarena by Francisco Garcia Moyano (from Spain), which got everyone to their feet, and after everyone had warmed up to the mike, we had a karaoke competition, and won by Primavera Zatarain (from Mexico) with her backing singers Francisco and Maria Teresa Maciel.

Like all events, there was a group photo session, but as soon as this was done, they went back to singing and partying.

It was a most enjoyable course, and all the participants were happy that they managed to clear up most of their doubts on feng shui and learn more practical applications and secret formulas of feng shui. Many of the participants would like to return to continue on the path to become full feng shui consultants by taking up the Master Consultants Course in Advanced Feng Shui.


Dear Everyone at WOFS

I want to thank you for all your help, support and encouragement during the August MPC. It was wonderful to know that even though I was far from home and a little stressed by the change to my environment, there was always someone to turn to who could help me out. Whether this was with an adaptor plug for a battery charger or booking hotel rooms so that the Malaysian experience could be extended and enjoyed for longer. I thank you all. Lillian conducted an incredible course, which was made all the more enjoyable by the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I learnt so much and finally have clarity on various items that had always eluded me. Please pass on my thanks to Lillian and everyone else concerned. I shall certainly endeavour to be back in October 2004 to attend the MCC. I look forward to seeing you all then.

Thank you again
Thalia Rich -Bowles


I reached Muscat safely after a long & tiring flight. I have not had much time to work on my home FS yet. I hope to do some improvements to bring harmony in the lives of my family members, friends, neighbours, relatives .... When I look back at the whole event I realise how much we learnt & how our judgement evolved (!?) during the week. Of course, it also gave an opportunity to make so many new, nice and interesting friends. I feel so very grateful to Lillian & WOFS for arranging such event. It was indeed a wonderful experience visiting your beautiful country and meeting some very nice people. I certainly hope to come back to KL sometime in the future with my family. Goodluck to you !

Kind Regards,
Ashutosh Deshpande


I wanted to thank you for the great course. You shared a lot of your knowledge and wisdom with everyone. After reading a lot of your books, I now fully understand the principles of feng shui with a clearer mind. As soon as I came home, I applied some changes to my home. From my own personal experiences, after reading a lot of your books and making changes to my home, I have found it worked. My career took a boost & I got a promotion. I also won $10,000 in a sweepstakes. There were times when things did not go right like my husband getting very ill with cancer, & so I consulted the flying stars. I had to move him into another room and he is a lot better now. I had a couple of poison arrows in front of my home that I corrected. I also put cures in the bedroom as you suggested. I am an ardent fan of your website,, and try to keep up with the monthly changes.

Veronica Flynn