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Past Workshops

Fifty international students graduate from Lillian Too's Master Practitioners Course in Feng Shui

The latest MPC was held in March 2003, where 50 students from all over the world came to join us in beautiful Malaysia to study feng shui. Lillian Too was as dynamic as ever, never tiring for a moment, and the participants drew from this energy to produce fantastic results in the case study competition at the end of their week of learning.

There were students from Spain, USA, Canada, Russia, Belgium, France, South Africa, Cambodia, Kenya, Nigeria, Indonesia, Thailand, India, China, Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, Singapore and of course, Malaysia.

Classes were held in the WOFS HQ Lecture Theatre, where there were formal classes in the mornings, and practical sessions in the afternoons. The MPC covers everything from the basics, eight mansions, flying star and applying the theory to practice on real life situations.


For the competition, the class was divided into groups of 6, where the groups were given a case study of a house to analyse. They were asked to make recommendations on what to do to improve the feng shui of the property, as well as give suggestions regarding the upcoming period of 8 in 2004.

The answer papers of each group were very well presented and showed a great understanding of the science within the class. It was difficult to choose a winner, but alas, there could only be one winner (and two runner-ups) and first prize was awarded to Group A. 2nd and 3rd prize were awarded to Group B and Group C respectively. (It was definitely just coincidence that the winning groups followed the running order of the group names! Or was it feng shui? Just kidding - ED).

Winning Group - Group A :

1. George Koritsa
2. Debarshi Das
3. Kashmira Daruwalla
4. Sharon Poh May Ling
5. Gorbatovskaya Galina
6. Rakhimidinova Oksana

1st Runner Up - Group B :

1. Tjung Njan Tjhioe
2. Dharma Sadeli
3. Norhayati Bt Kamaluddin
4. Toh Puan Dr. Aishah Ong
5. Deidre C Johnson
6. Susana

2nd Runner Up - Group C :

1. Chuah Meng Hu
2. Zona Ho
3. Danny Heng Kien Song
4. Anita Law
5. Cynthia Lim
6. Ivy Chit

The week culminated in the Graduation Dinner where the graduation certificates were given out and the competition case study winners were announced. Sumptuous roast lamb, chicken curry, satay and other local delights were highlights of the menu.

Everyone enjoyed the course tremendously, all the students as well as all the staff here at We decided to get some feedback about why they liked the course.

One student, Concha, a political science lecturer in the prestigious University of Barcelona, said, "I like that you get to meet a lot of different people from different countries, who have different experiences and opinions in feng shui.

By interacting with people from different backgrounds with different viewpoints, you can learn and vastly expand your knowledge."

Dolores Rodriguez, a popular Spanish singer, and founder and owner of DIVINO, the leading magazine on spirituality and alternative sciences in Spain, said "I came for the MPC because I wanted to meet Lillian in person and make contact. I read her books, which are the best books on feng shui you can get in Spanish, but wanted to go deeper." I am so glad I came, I have learnt so much and Lillian is a great teacher and more than that, a wonderful person. She shares her knowledge with such generosity."

Margaret Liy-Poh of Johore Bahru was so thrilled with what she had learnt and applied from previous MPC and MCCs she had attended, that she sent her daughter Sharon to this one. .

We hope feng shui continues to be practised with a good heart and look forward to August, when WOFS will be hosting another Lillian Too MPC. We only hope it will be just as much fun as this one!!!

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