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Meeting a New Generation of Feng Shui Enthusiasts - They Get Better, Brighter and More Spiritual with Each Passing Year

Group Photo of MPC April 2015 I am always amazed at the quality of students who enroll each year for my Master Practitioners Course in Feng Shui, almost all of whom have a fabulous story to share on what made them fly all the way to Kuala Lumpur to spend a week learning feng shui with me. I get students from the Americas and from Europe, and some of them come from countries I have not heard of or am not familiar with. This past month, I met delightfully beautiful ladies from India, Russia, United Arab Republic – almost all of them strong men and women doing fabulous work as doctors, bankers, researchers, Government officials, lawyers and teachers et al. I meet and connect strongly with them, genuinely lovely souls whose countries of origin this time are surprisingly inclusive, including Palestine, Serbia and Mongolia. Each one of them understands my English, so we bond and hug and connect. It is almost as if we are long-lost family members reuniting! Indeed I am almost certain they are students of mine from past lives catching up with me!
That is a lovely thought of course, and I am thrilled by that possibility. Yes, increasingly I am convinced we are all very old and dear friends. Otherwise how can we click so immediately? How can we feel so happy in each other’s company? My students do not just get along well with me. They also bond with each other like a house on fire, which makes for a very special weeklong experience.
I have restructured the MPC curriculum to focus more strongly on the practical applications of different feng shui methods, as I have discovered that there can be too much emphasis being placed on formula feng shui. Many of my students come because of the positive change they experienced in their lives as a result of reading my books, and all mentioned my first book The Complete Illustrated Guide to Feng Shui, a book that focused strongly on the nine principles of basic feng shui. Just knowing these simple guidelines brought such a huge amount of positive change in their lives that they were determined to come and meet me.

For many, it was not so much the expense involved in making the long journey to Kuala Lumpur but the challenge of finding the time to slot in a week coming here for the course. Hence I told them that was why I now have online learning programs that enable my global students to learn the more difficult formulas such as the Time Dimension Flying Star feng shui method from the Internet.

Fast-growing new internet and social media technologies are making the teaching and learning of esoteric subjects such as feng shui increasingly accessible to everyone. So many thousands of my students are now taking advantage of these. Yet for some of the new generation of feng shui enthusiasts, there is nothing quite like coming to Malaysia to meet face to face. I feel that way as well; nothing can replace the human touch, and it is really only from actually interacting with each other that I can explain, and they can understand, the nuances of fine points that make such a difference in the potency of feng shui.

From my perspective, it is also easier for me to share very personal stories and anecdotes that make feng shui come alive for them. Over the years, many readers have asked me what made me leave the lucrative world of high finance and big ticket corporate work to go into feng shui; and it is always easier for me to answer face to face than to write about this life-changing decision I made so many years ago.
This is the second batch of MPC students that have benefited from a half-day spent in opening to them the World of Spiritual Feng Shui; when I was able to select an auspicious day to do a special King Gesar Puja with them, and also to enable them to receive oral transmissions on King Gesar’s mantras and Guru Yoga prayers. These are very special cosmic practices, and many will be taking home with them the mighty Gesar Victory Flag, which guards against loss, killing energies and illness vibrations. The King Gesar practice is also excellent for anyone doing business or engaged in sales work.

During our week together, I also explained the invocation of Tara and the benefits of reciting the 21 Tara Praises to help them call on the powerful Tara Goddesses. Tara is the swift liberator who brings help instantly and unconditionally. Teaching them how to recite the praises in Tibetan was truly a beautiful experience. And as a final practice to help each of them in their study of feng shui, we also gave them an oral transmission of the Manjushuri mantra Om Ah Ra Pa Cha Na Dhi dhi dhi… I felt it was vital to invoke the blessings of this great Buddha of Wisdom.

This addition of the spiritual dimension of feng shui is still evolving. As I have explained to many of my students, the spiritual dimension is the real secret part of feng shui practice. It is when we are able to raise the spiritual aspects of the practice that feng shui takes on a magical face. And indeed, feng shui when done correctly is like magic.

When practised with a kind heart and good motivation, feng shui actually becomes the powerful art of placement, spiritually enhanced. The addition of the cosmic dimension takes feng shui to a whole new level of effectiveness; it is the key that unlocks pathways to new magic. Here is where the practice of feng shui enters into its next phase, when we experience the pacifying, the magnetizing, the increasing and the controlling of the energies around us, in ways that bring us to heightened levels of happiness.

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