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Lillian Too's Master Practitioner's Course on Feng Shui Bring Practitioners from 19 Countries to Malaysia

Group Photo of MPC September 2015 Twice a year, we host feng shui enthusiasts from around the world, as they make their way to Malaysia specially to attend Lillian Too’s Master Practitioner Course in Feng Shui! It is an extraordinary week of fun and learning every time and we rejoice how absolutely lovely, the people who come are. They have different backgrounds, bring an amazing diversity of cultures and experiences to share with us and they love us as much as we love them!

Our September MPC intake attracted some truly talented and highly educated group of people from 19 countries: Australia, India, Hong Kong, Philippines, Cambodia, Romania, Canada, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Chile, Egypt, USA, Uzbekistan, Yakutia, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and Malaysia. All of them came because they have read at least one, but mostly several of Lillian Too’s books, and most came because they have themselves benefited from the tips in her books. So they are already convinced that Lillian’s approach to feng shui really works.

Take Jane Lynch from Melbourne, Australia. Jane is a marketing expert who recently switched careers. She decided to study interior design and she came to learn feng shui because she wanted to incorporate its principles in her new profession.

Says Jane “This course is absolutely essential! Without doing this course it would be very difficult to practice feng shui effectively. Lillian has simplified a very complex topic and made it accessible to everyone.” Jane is referring to the different formulas of feng shui that are now readily available through many of her books. “There are so many different formulas out there, but when we come to a class like this, we understand which formulas come first, and how they relate to each other” says another student.

Genevieve Rouleau, another student is of French origin; she comes from Canada but is now living in Hong Kong, being married to a Chinese man and has lived in China for 10 years. Genevieve has absorbed a lot of “street feng shui” from the different people she has met living out here in Asia, but she was not convinced they were real feng shui!

She explains in her French/Cantonese accent “My husband always claims he knows a lot about feng shui but I decided that as his wife, I will take it upon myself to learn real feng shui from someone like Lillian who is an expert! So that’s why I’m here! Next time my husband says he knows, I can say “I know more”!!!” Her remarks brought delightful insights to the class indeed!

We also welcomed Cambodian lady Jady Astgen and merchant banker Danielle Moody from Australia (now living in Hong Kong). Seven years ago, Jady and Danielle separately made a wish to come to Malaysia to learn feng shui from Lillian. Exactly seven years later, the two decided to come for MPC and found themselves seated to each other. They got along so well they were practically inseparable through the Course. Friendships get made at our MPC!
We really get to meet truly unique individuals in every class and those who make it to our shores from India always have some kind of spiritual knowledge and ability which excites our imagination. This class was no different. One of our students was an elderly gentleman Indian student Uger Sen Elawadhi (a former pharmacist) who is a celebrity numerologist and spiritualist who regularly appears on Indian Television. He came to Malaysia specially to meet with Lillian in person as, according to him, “Lillian has appeared to him regularly in his visions, each time he does his private meditations.” In the class E.S offered his world view every now and again and this added great depth to conversations during the coffee and tea breaks.

Another student from India was Rishikesh Bhat who comes from a highly respected Brahmin family from the city of Mangalore. Rishi works for Lufthansa Airlines, and came to pursue his interest in feng shui based on his mother’s advice! A super lively and friendly character, Rishi charmed everyone in our class… and we were particularly grateful to him for sharing with us several special MUDRA hand gestures that can cure hypertension and poor blood circulation! Lillian practiced his Mudras every day according to his advice and could really feel the difference the mudras made to her frozen shoulders and arms! Says Rishi “Lillian’s approach to feng shui is extremely practical and gave me immense confidence to go ahead in my feng shui endeavours. It is just amazing!”

We also had two students from Sri Lanka. Mrs Ratnasekara Manori is a lawyer by profession and the wife of Mr Manori, mayor of Hattan in Sri Lanka! Mrs Manori told us that she always had an interest in feng shui and she wanted to expand her knowledge to improve the energy of her family home.

The other Sri Lankan, Mr Rohan DeSilva, is a trained psychologist specialising in Buddhist Theravada counselling. Rohan particularly enjoyed all the practical and spiritual feng shui discussions we had during the class. “I had thought we only come to learn feng shui, but we also learned so much about ourselves and the human condition too. This is so helpful for what I do!” says Rohan!

On the other side of the room, we had a lovely group of Canadian citizens who not only livened up the classroom each morning, they became the number one experts of feng shui in the class, being part of the group that came first in our Case study competition!

They tell us that several years ago, architectural designer Deepak Jayakar had picked up Lillian’s “Total Feng Shui” book and started applying her advice in his projects. “The results were amazing” he says, so Deepak made a wish to come to KL to learn directly from Lillian!

He brought along with him the gorgeous Walaa Zeidan (a colleague and family friend) and her husband Jasvinder Kalsi who tagged along to support his wife! The three of them took away not just the first prize in our feng shui competition but loved the program so much they plan to come back for the MCC!

We also had our own Malaysian commercial real estate negotiator Yeap Yew Foong with us and she sat next to Carolina Rodriguez, a charming Chilean artist living in Miami. Carolina made the long journey to Kuala Lumpur with her handsome husband and together the pair made quite an impression on the class. As they originate from Columbia, the land of emeralds, Lillian’s favourite gemstone, she found them fascinating to chat with. Carolina and her husband loved the class and our country so much they plan to come back very soon!

Meanwhile Yeap (who is Malaysian) having gleaned many tips on feng shui from Lillian’s books made a decision to learn it properly from a “market leader” to better serve her big clients. Yeap did very well in our class – she was part of the Group that took home first prize for the case competition!

Yeap was pleasantly surprised at how quickly feng shui brings results “This feng shui really works so fast! Two days ago I told my boyfriend to move his lazyboy chair away from under the beam. Then yesterday, while sitting at the coffee shop, out of the blue someone came up to him and offered him a check for his Vintage Porsche that was parked outside. He wasn’t even thinking of selling the car. They guy actually offered to write him a check there and then! Amazing!”
We also enjoyed having three Russian-speaking ladies in our class. Snezhana Tikhonova, a beautiful shaman lady from Yakutia and a big fan of Lillian (she comes for all her Extravaganzas and recently attended our Tara Retreat) came with her personal translator.

Says Snezhana “It has been my dream to learn from Lillian. She is amazing! I love her and everything she teaches is so wonderful and works magic in my life! I want to come back again.” During the class Snezhana struck a close friendship with our other Russian speaking student - Alyona Li, a super lovely lady from Uzbekistan (now living in India). The other Russian speaking lady in our class is Georgetta Fratostiteaneau from Romania. Georgetta has always wanted to learn feng shui and decided to take a break from her busy and hectic life to relax in Malaysia!

Snezhana wasn’t the only student who has come back a second time for more! Mohamed Essa, an auric field reader and chromatic healer from Egypt (who came for MPC a year ago) is back a second time to refresh his memory!

Says Mohamed “Even though the class is the same, the teaching from Master Lillian is different in every class as she really does teach according to the students in the class. Lillian has so much knowledge to share that it is not possible to teach everything in one class. I want to learn as much from her as possible. I believe that when you have found a true Master who is the real thing like her, you stick to only one teacher and come back again, and again, and again!”

Mohamed was right as this class, like every class is different from every previous class. Over the years Lillian has observed that many of her students get lost at trying to “fly the stars” to generate the feng shui chart in the flying star formula, as this requires too much mental and technical concentration.

For this MPC course, Lillian focused more time explaining the nuances involved in choosing the correct chart, how to plot the stars onto floor plans correctly and also how to analyze and then use the charts for different types of houses. The result was very gratifying as nearly 90% of the students demonstrated a truly strong understanding on how to apply the time dimension of feng shui!

Closer to Asia, we also enjoyed having restaurant business owner Maryati Gunawan from Indonesia, and a very elegant lady from Japan. She is Yuko Odate whose standard of English was quite remarkable indeed.

Another Malaysian in the class was Jackie Sia from Malaysia. Jackie owns a large restaurant business and had come to learn feng shui from Lillian because Phillip Lim, our resident consultant, made some changes to her business and completely transformed her life in a positive way!

Says Jackie “Wow in this class we really learn a lot! I feel like I am only absorb 30% of what Lillian is teaching, but even that is a lot of good stuff and I’m so happy to be here.”

We also had a student from Singapore, Sicong Wang who has followed Lillian’s feng shui for many years. What Sicong Wang loved most about the course was how Lillian personally conducted the lectures:

“I have heard of other courses where they advertise under a “celebrity” figure but during the course the “celebrity” figure does not actually personally teach the course. I was really so pleased that the course is mainly taught by Lillian herself, especially despite her current physical condition! But also, the teaching assistants (Hanni, Stanley, Han Jin and Phillip) were extremely knowledgeable in this field as well. Everyone here are very helpful in giving tips and guidance throughout the course… so this really is a wonderful and satisfying course and worth the time and money to come!”

And finally, seated at the back of the class are two lovely dakini ladies from the Philippines – Ollay and Carolina Aninion! Olay is a fashion designer and a certified Bikram Yoga instructor who owns Manila’s most successful Bikram Yoga Studio. Her mother Carolina owns a garment and textiles factory that supplies to designer brands in the United States. Both ladies have followed Lillian and Jennifer Too’s Feng Shui Astrology Books for years and marvelled at how accurate the readings are each year! They decided to come and learn feng shui to better understand the basis for the readings in the books! This mother and daughter team are wonderful and charming examples of Manila’s power women that come in pretty little packages – you must read about them in Lillian’s column and my article on Bikram Yoga!

The exciting part is that Ollay and Carolina have also signed up to be our first WOFS BRAND AMBASSADOR for Manila and they will be bringing in our feng shui astrology books, calendars, planners and feng shui cures! To all of you feng shui fans of Manila, you’ll be so thrilled to know that you can now get the books, calendars and much more from Olay and Carolina! Please give them your support! Their contact details will be listed at the back of this issue!

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