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Fine-Tuning the Nuances of Feng Shui Practice requires Knowledge, Experience and above all a Skillful Teacher

Group Photo of MPC October 2012

There is a graduated method to becoming a “master of feng shui” practice; to become learned in the theory and practice of the three dimensions of this powerful body of knowledge. Feng shui promises prosperity, harmonious relationships, success and good health and anyone aspiring to acquire a broad-based foundation can do so by immersing themselves in good books on the subject. But there is much more to feng shui than are contained in the books. Many things cannot be taught via books alone. It really helps to have face-to-face interactions with someone who can share all the nuances and secrets of the practice that lead to fast and effective results.

Anyone can learn feng shui, but to get stable and continuing results requires practical experience as well as good motivation. This is the guiding philosophy behind Lillian’s very successful MPC and MCC Courses... where Lillian expertly imparts not just her knowledge but also precious advice on how to be, that the true practice of feng shui begins from one’s inner intentions.

Those aspiring to capture the real kung fu of the three dimensions - space, time and spiritual dimensions of feng shui - can benefit from being in the presence of modern masters of the lineage, someone who not only possesses feng shui expertise but someone who is incredibly skillful in imparting the knowledge.

With her mesmerizing stories and charismatic style of teaching, Lillian blends this with the case study and experiential learning methods gleaned from her Harvard B school days - resulting in a highly effective curriculum that is comprehensive and deep, yet so easy to assimilate for even the most novice of practitioners. All the five senses are stimulated and engaged to give the student a 360 degree approach to absorbing and applying theory to practice.

In Lillian’s Master Practitioner Course (MPC), every single day is filled with learning! It starts with lectures to give students a good foundation on the theory, then site visits to gain confidence on using expert tools like the Luo Pan, and tutorial sessions to answer all the difficult questions that arise from applying feng shui in real life. The MPC is a steep but enjoyable learning curve – covering four powerful formulas of landscape and compass feng shui within a week! Lillian zooms in on all nuances… what cannot be easily taught in her books; all the subtle interpretations between direction and location, facing and sitting and the priorities of using the many compass formulas!

There is simply no substitute to advanced learning than being right here! In response to numerous requests from her readers and fans, Lillian introduced her MPC online course in 2010 and this has been met with overwhelming success! Many of her online MPC students have sent in thank-you letters and many eventually make their way here for the more advanced Master Consultants Course, which is held only once a year. The MCC can only be taught in a classroom environment as it is the face-to-face dynamic that promotes final and complete learning.

The curriculum itself focuses on applying feng shui techniques to all the unconventional scenarios that the modern architecture presents! Here, Lillian brings in two additional highly advanced feng shui formulas, and explains the secrets behind the Castle Gate Door.

MPC ONLINE students who attended our MCC describe being here as invaluable! For all of them, this is the very first time they are brought to actual site investigations under the gentle guiding hand of Lillian’s teaching team. Here is also where all their most pressing questions get answered in great detail.

Says Inder Preet our MPC Online student who recently graduated from MCC:

“You have to understand I’ve been learning feng shui from Lillian through her MPC online and it was TRULY AMAZING. But still I wasn’t 100% sure I had applied her teachings to my house correctly! But now that I’m here talking with her, discussing it with the teaching assistants and confirming all my assumptions, taking directions and using the luo pan for the first time… it’s definitely been worth my while to come all the way here to Malaysia to clarify everything and confirm what I was doing!”

Inder, a pilot living in Dubai, did really well – graduating with DISTINCTION in our MCC Class, even though this was his first time here! In every MPC and MCC class, a diverse mix of students from all around the world come together to create a very special atmosphere of learning that is different for every class. Dedicating a special week away from the humdrum of life to be immersed in a class full of like-minded individuals - people who share a common passion for feng shui - this in itself is an enriching experience. Special bonds develop naturally in a relaxed and stress-free environment of goodwill, good fun and plenty of robust discussion!

Students often tell Lillian that they learn in one hour what other teachers take months to teach!

“I just want to tell you THANK YOU for making clear in one hour what I took 1 week to learn from another master… which got me so confused too. Thank you for making it clear!” says our Portugese student Madalena just after Lillian completed her lecture on Flying Star Feng Shui.

Lillian’s unique ability to extract the essence of feng shui practice, and communicate it clearly in a form that is modern and digestible is what sets her apart from her contemporaries. For example, Lillian takes a bold departure from tradition to renaming the Twenty-Four Mountains as North 1, North 2, North 3 and so forth…instead of keeping to Chinese names such as ping, wu, ting, etc. It may be non-traditional, but it gets the point across, cutting through any mental block instantly. Even students who have never read a single book of feng shui find themselves speaking the lingo and discussing floor plans by Day Two… it really is the ONLY way to learn advanced feng shui in a fun and easy way!

Want to learn Feng Shui directly from Lillian?

Come for her Spiritual Feng Shui course in November 2012 or enroll for her MPC course in May 2013.
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