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Past Seminars

Feng Shui Jets to Japan & Hawaii

March 2004 was a busy month, which saw Lillian Too and some members of her WOFS team travel first to Japan to meet with Japanese partners Mr Hirazakura-san and Mr Tanaka-san, then on to Hawaii for her Feng Shui Extravaganza 2004.

The weather in Tokyo was resplendent at this time; so though they missed the Cherry Blossom season by a mere week, it was beautiful nonetheless! During the fleeting visit to Japan, Lillian gave a short seminar on the basics of feng shui to an appreciative crowd of a hundred guests at the New Otani hotel in Akasaka. Though the seminar was delivered via a translator, the audience grasped the concepts and there were plenty of questions come Q & A time.

The seminar was followed by the signing ceremony between Sdn Bhd and The Dream Factory, which will be taking and live next month. This will open up feng shui for the Japanese market through the Internet, in the Japanese language, and as well as hundreds of articles to browse though on, feng shui products, cures and enhancers will be available to purchase online in Japan.

Lillian’s "The Complete Illustrated Guide to Feng Shui" is already available in the Japanese language, but there are plans in the pipeline for more of her books to be made available in Japanese in the near future.

On to Hawaii

Lillian and co were then off to Honululu for the Hawaii Extravaganza. They were greeted with orchid garlands, seashells and a warm Aloha by Peter & Joanie Lung and their beautiful daughters, Lauren & Ashley.

Lillian remarked after the trip that the islands had a lot of energy, "even though I was on my feet teaching for five days straight, I had this buzz. The class were fabulous, they embraced me into their culture and made me feel like one of them… we all studied feng shui the Hawaiian way – making friends, having fun and learning all at the same time."

The main Extravaganza seminar was held on the first day, which covered the luck of the year as well as Period 8 feng shui, and how to decide what to do to revitalize the energy of homes in the new period. The workshops that followed covered feng shui for apartments and houses, feng shui for work, career and business, and a two-day intensive Flying Star course.