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Harnessing Horoscope Friends

by Phillip Lim 

The year 2003 is the last year of the period of 7 according to the Fei Sin School of Feng Shui (Flying Star). As such, this coming year is considered a year of impending change, as all of the stars (both auspicious and inauspicious) are getting ready for a change of location. We will see drastic changes in the luck of our homes, our businesses as well as our individual lives. Homes that used to enjoy good Feng Shui may find luck turning against them. Similarly, homes that had mediocre luck may enjoy excellent fortune when the period of 8 (February 4th 2004) comes around.

Horoscope Allies

Many Feng Shui masters everywhere are preparing for this change of period and recommend that the year 2003 is a year in which we need to call on the help of our zodiac friends and allies.

The twelve animals of the zodiac represent the Earthly Branches. Each animal has its own corresponding range of compass directions as well as a corresponding element. Four of the animals are placed on the cardinal compass directions (i.e. North, South, East and West). To find our zodiac allies, what we do is take the animal of the cardinal directions, i.e. (Horse (S), Rooster (W), Rat (N), and Rabbit (E)). Their allies are located 120° from their location. Just refer to the chart on the facing page for further clarification.

In addition, we have another group that consist of four friends. These are the Dragon, the Ox, the Dog, and the Sheep. This group is categorized under the Earth element. Of the 12 zodiac animals, the Dragon is considered one of the celestial animals and is therefore accredited with special properties. People born under the sign of the Dragon are exceptionally lucky, as they have 4 friends and 1 ally, which gives them an edge in life. Many illustrious men in history have been dragons such as Sigmund Freud, Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King.

In addition, it is said that the other 11 zodiac animals have a measure of respect for the dragon. Therefore, it is not wise to anger or be the enemy of those born in the year of the Dragon.


Secret Friends

Your secret friends are those who will help you without you even knowing. Each animal in the horoscope has one secret friend, thus there are six combinations of such friends. These groups are also known as the 6 combinations of the earthly branches.

Check your secret friend from the illustration on the facing page, then activate by placing an image of your "secret friend" animal symbol near you.

In addition, we have the 6 clashes of the earthly branches. The animal sign clashing with you is located directly opposite your animal sign in the zodiac wheel (e.g. the Sheep clases with the Ox). These are people that you should look out for, as it is said that those who are of opposing zodiac signs harbor secret ill feelings towards one another. Although the relationship may start off on a good note, eventually, the inherent attributes of the zodiac signs will follow through and erode the relationship. One of my friends for many years who later turned out to be my worst enemy was born opposing my zodiac sign. Our friendship had started off very well, and we were close friends for many years, but ultimately, our friendship fell apart for reasons that we could not fathom or resolve. Display your allies in your living room as an amulet to ward off bad luck, illness and bad energy. Make sure you carry a small symbol of your ally with you at all times.

Another interesting school, the San He Pai or the Triple Combination School, uses the 12 Zodiac Animals directions to locate the wealth position in one's home. For example, if you were born in the year of the monkey, your wealth positions are North (Rat) and East-Southeast (Dragon). Each of the combinations is assigned one of the 5 elements. Use the assigned element to energize the chi of that area to bring in plenty of wealth luck. In this case, the element of the combination of Monkey, Dragon and Rat is water, so place a small bowl of bubbling yang water in either the North or East-Southeast corner of your living

Here are some suggestions of items to symbolize the elements. For Water, simply place a small indoor bubbling water feature or a small aquarium. For Fire, use a warm table lamp and keep it turned on all the time. If you need to use the wood element, display a fast growing green leafy plant such as a money plant in one of the 3 locations. Lastly, for the metal element, use heavy metal coins, pots of gold or gold ingots.

This article was written as a response to a question posed to us by one of our customers, and is meant to be informative. I plan on using these practices in the coming 2003 and am convinced of its efficacy. Have fun using Feng Shui always.

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