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Getting a Mentor

In this career-oriented age, it is who you know that makes the difference to the paycheck that you take home each month and not what you know. Networking is the keyword of this new century and Feng Shui can help accelerate the process of getting you in touch with the right person at the right time for the right opportunities!

Feng Shui practice believes that one should focus on getting a mentor. This is important because a mentor is able to elevate a family to a more superior, prosperous, authoritative position.

Having a mentor is not an unfamiliar concept to ancient China. In those days, they believed that having an excellent benefactor is as good as enhancing one's luck in general. Similarly, in today's world, a mentor can bring you luck in your career. The assistance and encouragement that one gets influences the rate of success one achieves in a career.

One might wonder where does the networking-luck come from? The ancient Chinese believed that it came from heaven and cites the emperors of China as an example. To them, the rise and collapse of the old imperial dynasties was a directive from heaven.

The people in our lives have either a positive or a negative influence on us. Those who help us on our life's journey are said to be 'heaven' men while those who deter us with various obstacles from living a good life are 'devil' men. Feng Shui strives to help us identify and bring into our lives 'heaven' men and reject 'devil' men.

It is well documented in China's history that unknown nobodies were picked from anonymity only to a life of affluence and influence, making one extremely successful. On the contrary, those who fall prey to 'devil' men, not only lost their savings and properties, but more often than not, their lives as well.