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Making Offerings... Brings Showers of Blessings

Offering water, lights and incense to holy objects are easy ways to gain blessings from the universe! These traditions come from lineage texts that tell of the amazing benefits of offering even a single drop of water to the Buddhas! Always do it with the intention to benefit others and its blessings will be multiplied!

Candle Light Offerings
Offering lights bring blessings of wisdom! If you have a problem, light these candles and ask for a solution! Think that the light illuminates your mind with the right answers, and burns away obstacles and darkness in your life. Bless your light offerings by chanting Om Aloke Ah Hum three times, and then offer it to billions of cosmic beings in the universe with this mantra: Tayata Om Pancha Griya Ava Bodhani Soha (7 times).

Offering Flowers
Ever wondered where the tradition of bearing flowers as a “gift” came from? It has its roots from lineage texts that reveal the precious blessings of offering flowers as a way of offering love and good wishes. Thus offer flowers to holy objects the way you would offer it to a loved one; this generates blessings of loving friends to manifest in your life!

Blissful Perfumed Air!
Natural scented oils that release fragrant smells into the air are excellent offerings of perfume! Scents like lavender have mood-altering qualities that purify the chi in your space, and lift your conciousness into trancendental states. Use only pure and natural oils; never use chemically enhanced olls (as these can clog up your chakras).

Incense Holder
Use an incense holder suited to the purpose of offering incense. This ceramic holder is empowered with all 8 offerings, making your incense offering more complete.

Auspicious Water Bowls
Water offerings can be transformed into “nectar” by chanting “Om Ah Hum” as you pour the water! Always use beautiful crystal bowls or special ceramic bowls decorated with auspicious objects. Change your water offerings daily, and never leave empty or half-full water bowls on your altars (this brings obstacles to success).

Wealth Incense
Burning little sandalwood ingots invite blessings of prosperity. Dedicate it to all beings in need of wealth.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World ( July/August 2011)". To subscribe, please click here.