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Got your eye on the DZI?

Ancient tales said it was a blessing from the heavens above. Gods who took pity on the human race dropped these precious beads to protect them from evil spirits that brought plagues and disasters to man. Even so, only those with exceptionally good karma were fortunate enough to chance upon these sacred stones.

This is but one of the many myths behind the origin of the DZI bead. Others say that the DZI beads are spiritual bugs, which have fallen from the sky. They said these bugs turned into DZI beads when touched by the hands of man.

Pronounce as ‘zee’, in Tibetan DZI means shine, brightness, clearness and splendour. With such an illustrious background, Tibetans have long held these beads in high regards, believing them to be of divine origins. For them, the DZI is a prized and very powerful talisman. These beads are so sacred that they can also be found adorning statues of Buddha in Tibet.

Enthralling the Tibetans from as far back as 1300 years ago, the DZI beads are now much sought after by all. Authentic and good quality DZI beads, such as the nine-eyed DZI have been reported to fetch US$100,000 alone!

Here is some information on different types of DZI beads and the power that it holds.

The Six-Eyed DZI

This DZI helps you overcome all negative energies and gives noticeable relief from six types of suffering, including loss of wealth, sickness, accidents, being cheated, getting robbed and losing a loved one. It enables the wearer to speed up the achievement of important goals and remove obstacles that delays projects.

Ideal for the Horse, Sheep and Monkey signs.

The Twelve-Eyed DZI

Wearing this DZI will magnify your Chi energy, helping you overcome all fear, either real or imagined. The DZI symbolizes fulfilment of wishes and brings one excellent reputation. You will not be short of opportunities either, if you wear Twelve-Eyed DZI daily.

Best for the Rooster, Dog and Boar signs.

The Nine-Eyed DZI

By wearing this DZI, it is said that you can collect nine types of merits, which helps to resolve bad karma. It also helps to clear obstacles to the path of success. This DZI enables one to gain power and influence whilst enhancing their reputation further. There will be plenty of wealth and even windfall luck for the owner too!

Suited for the Rabbit, Dragon and Snake but the powerful Nine-Eyed DZI benefits ALL!

The Ru Yi DZI

A DZI that denotes authority imbues its owner with all the qualities of an authoritative and excellent leader. This DZI assist those who have recently been promoted, given responsibility in a new work environment or been put in charge of a new project.

Ideal for the Rat, Ox and Tiger signs.

The Fifteen-Eyed DZI

This DZI imparts the wearer all of heaven’s blessings. Therefore it will be smooth sailing all the way irregardless of endeavours and projects that one embarks on. The Fifteen-Eyed DZI also brings good business luck and many opportunities to the wearer.

Best for the Rooster, Dog and Boar signs.

The Golden Tiger Tooth Six-Eyed DZI

Wearing this DZI will magnify your good luck and clear away negative forces. It attracts beneficial friends, while providing protection from aggravating people. It has the power to transform all negative intentions towards the wearer into positive goodwill. Everything will sail on without a hitch.

Best for the Horse, Sheep and Monkey signs.

The Tortoise Shell DZI

An excellent talisman for the elderly or those who are ill as it helps strengthen one’s health luck. This DZI also brings longevity luck and has potent protective powers, taking on the essence of the celestial tortoise.
Suited for the Rabbit, Dragon and Snake signs.

The Huge Fabulous Bird DZI

This DZI helps clear all illness and suffering, of which one is currently experiencing. Especially those caused by problems relating to politicking, gossips and backbiting.

Ideal for the Rooster, Dog and Boar signs.

The Kuan Yin DZI

This DZI epitomizes the essence of the Goddess Kuan Yin, who is also known as Chenrezig, the Buddha of Compassion and Tibet’s most revered Buddha. This DZI will also assist its owner to get out of poverty and also protect them from all physical and mental harm.

Suitable for ALL.

Surrounded by much mystery and mysticism, the world is now delving into the true power of the ancient DZI beads. Be it a gift from the heavens or made by the hands of mere mortal, discover it yourself!