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Hangings for your Home

There’s no quicker way to invigorate the energy in your home than hanging crystal balls by your windows. Make sure your balls have enough facets as this is what will break up the sunshine filtering through into your home, making rainbows in your living space. It is really quite magical when your room comes alive with hundreds of rainbows in brilliant colours. Such crystal balls are also useful for dissipating shar chi (or poison arrows) caused by the edges of neighbouring rooflines and corners of nearby buildings. They can also be used to nullify any ill effects from living too near to yin abodes such as hospitals, cemeteries, police stations, prisons and so forth.

Birds bring fabulous opportunities, so hanging a flock of them by your main door could just bring you the big break you’ve been waiting for. They are also messengers of the cosmos, and making a wish before you hang them allows you to send a signal into the universe with your most heartfelt desire. If there is something you really, really want, try using the help of these wish birds.

Six gold I-Ching coins represent money luck from heaven, and hanging these on the door handles on the inside of your home attracts wealth and prosperity luck for the whole family. Pick your hanging to match the element of the sector for best effect. Blue is best for doors in the North, East and Southeast. Red is best in the South, NE and SW. Yellow can be used in the SW, NE, NW and West. White is good in the NW, West and North. Green activates the Wood element of the SE and East, while nurturing the energy of the South.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World ( May/June 2011)". To subscribe, please click here.