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Types of Stones; Their physic attributes and their healing powers


Known for both its healing and enhancing properties (mental, emotional, spiritual, psychic, and physical), amethyst is associated with the moon, Yin energy, creativity and intuition. [ view product ]

Rose Quartz

This is also known as the love stone, helping to energize and open you to the wisdom, ecstasy and equanimity of your heart. It is used to dissolve feelings of vulnerability and to reduce your distance in relationships. [ view product ]

Yellow Citrine, Ametrine and Amber

These are the sunshine stones. These yellow stones represent the power of the sun. They can be used to reveal the brighter side of an issue and are wonderful enhancers for wealth and money luck. [ view product ]

Smoky Quartz

The grounding and calming stone. Often used for clarity of dreams and for revealing an individual’s spiritual path and the best way to follow it in the physical. [ view product ]


Obsidian is a powerful mirror of the soul; one of the most effective for revealing what is truly reflected in the souls of others or yourself.

Clear Quartz

These are used to awaken spiritual insight and vision. They are suitable for meditations and visualizations. They are also excellent as study aids. [ view product ]

Green Aventurine, Green Calcite, Emerald and Peridot

These stones are nurturing, and bring prosperity and abundance. Whenever you want a project to succeed, use these stones. They promote inner growth and personal development, and make magnificent gifts for students. [ view product ]

Blue Topaz, Turquoise, Blue Calcite and Green / Purple Fluorite

These are the sky stones. Because of their lightness and heavenly colors, the sky stones are good for lightening up energy. Use them to help you uncoil tight knots of anger, lift you from depression and release you from happiness.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (November/ December 2003)". To subscribe, please click here.