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A Guide to Crystal Ball and their uses.

When the word crystal ball is mentioned, many of us conjure up visions of a gypsy woman with dangling earrings and bracelets, her dark curls wrapped in a bright scarf, and staring intently into a clear crystal sphere trying to divine your future. Of course, this is merely the common belief in the use of crystal balls. Today, the many uses of crystal balls, both facetted and smooth, clear or opaque, is found in Gypsy Divination, Transcendental Meditation, Buddhist rituals, Feng Shui practices and Wicca. There are generally three types of balls available - natural crystal, laboratory-grown crystal, and leaded glass.

by Philip Lim

Natural Crystal balls are cut from naturally occurring veins of crystals. These usually have inclusions (which are cracks inside the crystal) and veins (they are like wispy clouds inside the ball). Natural crystals are also used in the jewellery industry. Gemstone grade crystals such as citrines, diamonds, amethyst and emeralds are cut from sections of the crystals that have very few inclusions and flaws. Natural crystals that have a high level of clarity are very rare, thus often command a high value.

Laboratory - grown crystals are the same as those used by the electronics industry. These have the amplifying and storage properties of natural crystal, but are considerably cheaper. They are usually without veins and inclusions (unless they’ve been dropped!) Because synthetic crystals are man made, the crystalline structure is perfect and they have distinctive vibration qualities that differ from natural crystals.

Leaded glass contains a small amount of lead of about 4 - 5%. This mixture of lead and glass enhances the reflective qualities of the glass, making it very suitable in the manufacture of crystal ware such as those from Swarovski and Waterford. Other ingredients such as boron, germanium and carbon are sometimes added to change the color or hardness of the glass. “Diamond glass” is a special mixture of glass and graphite, which produces a glass with very similar qualities to that of a gemstone. Much of the costume jewellery found today is made from this kind of leaded glass, because of their good reflective qualities.

Crystal balls are found in both smooth and faceted forms. The most common types are the faceted crystal balls and droplets found on chandeliers. They possess a great deal of sparkle and are used to diffuse light over a wide area. The main purpose of faceted crystal balls in feng shui is to transmute energy. When “Shar Chi” or hard energy enters the ball, the facets deflect the energy, breaking it up and turning it into “Sheng Chi”, i.e. gentle energy. Faceted crystal balls are typically hung in windows to transmute any Shar Chi entering your home into positive energy. They can also be used in long hallways or corridors to slow down fast-moving Chi, or to reduce the amount of bad energy transmitted by “poison arrows” such as those from sharp corners or open bookshelves. The size of the crystal balls you use depends on the amount of energy you are trying to transform.

Crystals are very suitable for use as earth energy enhancers. Thus, displaying six smooth crystal balls in the center of your living room evens out the peaks and valleys of the Chi flowing around the home, ensuring everything goes smoothly in your life. These crystal balls may be of different sizes and made of different crystals.

Another popular use for crystal balls is as an aid during meditation. One is encouraged to focus one’s attention on the crystal ball to help shut out distractions from the outside world. It is said that if you have psychic ability, it may be possible to see the future or the answer to your questions in the depths of a crystal ball. The crystal acts as a natural amplifier for your ability and thus becomes a gateway for developing one’s psychic ability.

Crystals Leave Imprints
The human body has electromagnetic qualities. These electromagnetic vibrations emitted from the human body interact with everything they come into contact with. Crystal balls have a crystalline structures similar to the human body, thus people who handle them will leave an imprint of their energies. Because of this, it is important to thoroughly clean your crystal ball of all previous imprints or influences before using them.

Cleaning Your Personal Crystals
Soak your crystal balls in sea-salt water for 7 days and 7 nights to draw out any negative energies that may be present in your crystal ball. This also erases all previous imprints from your crystal, ridding it of unknown and possibly unwanted energies. After you have soaked your crystals for this 1-week period, place them under the sun for 7 hours. This will recharge your crystals. Then cleanse them once more, this time with warm water, and gentle soap if you like. Once your crystal balls are cleansed and re-energized in this way, they can be used to transform all the stale energy in your home into good energy!

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (November/ December 2003)". To subscribe, please click here.