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Lillian Too brings good advice to those wondering about all the CURES, REMEDIES and ENHANCERS of past years and answers the questions we get about what to do with the old Pi Yaos and Chi Lins, Dragons and Tortoises, Five Element Pagodas and bells brought into the home last year. Do they need to be removed from the home and ritually buried, or thrown into a fast moving river, or can we revitalize them to be used again to counter the same kinds of afflictions for the coming year?

 I prefer not to re-use all the pagodas, bells and nine ring swords that have been used previously to fight against the afflictions of a past year, especially those that were placed in specific corners and meant to absorb all the negativities that flew into that corner. In the last fifteen years or so after I started to actively use these symbolic remedies to overcome afflictive annual stars, I have actually experienced them being so effective that every now and again I would even observe “marks” of their cosmic shielding of the bad winds. Thus Pi Yaos would lose an eye or the paint would come off the pagoda or the Chi Lin that I used to guard my gate would show signs of having fought off some bad forces.

After absorbing all the negative energies brought by the cosmic forces and ill winds of a previous year, many of these cures lose strength. They become considerably weakened and will lack the robust energy of the brand new cures. Sometimes they can last for more than a year, especially the larger Chi Lins and Pi Yaos, but my experience has been that if I retire these older models and replace them with new, freshly made ones, their protective attributes are stronger.

Another important aspect of feng shui cures that I noticed over the years is that the winds of each new year are very different, and these require some specific extra element or image. In consultation with some expert Taoist feng shui colleagues, I discovered that this is something quite normal. In the old days, all feng shui remedies were always changed with new models, and the new models usually had changes and additions made. Over the years then, we have built up real expertise in these areas - and we know what works and what does not. And an important aspect of cures is that their energy must be fresh, robust and strong.

So I gather my previous year’s cures and select a good auspicious day to burn them in a big bonfire. It is to be preferred to choose a day during the waning cycle of the moon, and burning old cures and retiring them is best done from the end of October i.e. the 31st until the 22nd December.

31st October is the start of the dark days of the year and this is the best day for the cures to be taken from the home to be retired. On the 22nd December is the day of the Winter solstice. This is the day when the sun gets reborn, the darkness is broken and the light returns to the earth.

Actually, to the Chinese, this is the day when the real new year begins and your luck between this date and the 4th February indicates how the rest of the year will pan out for you. So watch how things work out for you during this period from 22nd December and all through January to get a taste of what the coming year has in store for you. If things work out good for you in that there are many joyous occasions, successes and high moments, then the coming year will be auspicious. But if it turns out to be a difficult time, then I strongly recommend you take careful note of the coming year’s afflictions and put all NEW cures and remedies in place BEFORE 3rd February 2011.

I bury old vintage cures in the grounds of my home, making sure the hole dug is deep enough so they do not get disturbed by my dogs. Over time, they will dissolve and mix with the earth. Taking them back to the earth is an important aspect of the completion ritual. Retiring the cures is absolutely important if you have had an especially trying year. Because then you know that the remedies you put in place in the different corners of the home have worked hard protecting you and your family from being hit by the bad winds of the year. Do remember that if your past year has been uneventfully safe with no major accidents or mishaps, you have definitely been well protected.

Another way of sending the cures back into the cosmos is to throw them into BIG WATER i.e. a large river or even the sea or ocean. Throw them over your left shoulder in to the big water over the side of a boat or off a large bridge. Then walk away without looking back. This is an excellent way of strongly throwing away all the ills and problems of the past and it will symbolically bring a closure to all the negatives that have been plaguing you. This makes you and your home ready for a fresh start.

It is a very good idea to use incense to symbolically purify your space after you have removed the old cures. use the special incense we have premixed and made available through our shops and website and walk round your main public rooms ie the living, dining and patio areas. walk round each room in a clockwise direction three times allowing the incense to permeate the room. This will appease your local landlords and pave the way for your new cures. Making incense cleansing this way will prepare your home to receive the new chi energy of 2011 year of the rabbit on February 3rd.  I suggest that you undertake the incense ritual after December 22nd 2010.

You can and should keep those images and beautifully worked ENHANCERS such as Dragons and Pi yaos which have value, are made of gold and encrusted with gemstones from the earth as these over time become true vintage items. Enhancers imbue the auspicious energies from year to year so that over time they contain an accumulation of good energy. These should not be thrown away and in fact should eventually become vintage heirlooms of the family. Just like wealth vases, wealth ships and other auspicious images of the Gods of wealth - these take on greater energy with the passing years so these should be kept. But do ensure their energy stays fresh and robust with regular sun baths to keep them invigorated. Also keep them free of dust and as far as possible do not encourage others to touch them.

Preparing for a new year should always be a joyous thing. Please make your new year preparations with a happy frame of mind and when you shop for the new cures also do so with a good mind set. Do purchase them from someone who has good energy. And do not bring in stuff - especially Enhancers - that are treated carelessly. You definitely do not want bad or dishonest energy in anything you bring into your home especially items that are poor copies of the real thing. These lack the chi to attract good luck for you.


The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World ( November/December 2010)". To subscribe, please click here.