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If things were going swimmingly well last month and suddenly things have gone pear shaped, drop everything now and check your feng shui! Chances are you are suffering from the deadly monthly FIVE YELLOW  star that may have flown into your bedroom, your entrance or your office space.  And if things have just not gone right since the year began, you must definitely check whether the annual Five Yellow is playing havoc with your life!

What is the FIVE YELLOW?
The Five Yellow is translated from the Chinese words Wu Wang. Wang not only means yellow, it is also a homonym for King. Hence of all the feng shui afflictions this is the king of afflictions and such has the power to bring serious misfortune and harm to those who are afflicted by its malicious power. It is also called Yellow, because the element of destruction it brings stems from the Earth element. Earth is very powerful as it is not only one of the five elements of Feng Shui, it is also one of the four elements of cosmic magic. What this means is that the Five Yellow can rear its ugly head by affecting oth your environmental energy and also your personal cosmic energy.

Every year, the annual FIVE YELLOW travels to a different compass location. This Year of the Tiger, the Five Yellow is in the Southwest. If your bedroom or main entrance is here in the Southwest, the Five Yellow has the power to bring you misfortune in the form of financial trouble. In addition to the annual Five Yellow, there is also the monthly Five Yellow that moves location every month. Check page 76 of our magazine and see where the number 5 has flown to this month. Is your bedroom or entrance there?

If you are suffering from the Five Yellow, it is advisable to suppress the star. Because the Five Yellow is Earth, only the elements of metal or wood can contain this malignant star. That is why we recommend the Five Element Pagoda with the Tree of Life which has many special symbolic and elemental features to subdue this star. The Five Element Pagoda is made from five different types of metals to overcome the five afflicted types of earth energy. There are also five tiers to the shape of the pagoda, and the top two captures the shape of the MOON and the SUN, both have the power to rule over Earth. To bring in the energy of the Wood element, the Tree of Life is engraved into the Five Element Pagoda. The Tree of Life is significant because it transforms negative Earth Energy into a Tree which spouts Jewels. Place one Tree of Life 5 Element PAgoda in the Southwest to contain the annual star, and place another on the sector which has the monthly 5 yellow star.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World ( November/December 2010)". To subscribe, please click here.