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Auspicious Key Charms for the 7 days of the week...

The seven planets signify the seven days of the week, and connection with each planet is achieved by carrying the right coloured stone. These charming keychains have been designed to resonate the energies of each of the 7 planets. Determine which planet is lucky for you based on your Day of Birth or on your Lunar Mansion (see Lillian Too & Jennifer Too’s Fortune & Feng Shui 2011 books for your animal sign) and start empowering your personal aura today!

1 Monday's Child

Mondays are ruled by the Moon, and Lunar energy is associated with the tides and the ocean. The best stone to carry to activate the positive energies of Monday is the Pearl. Moon energy is excellent for bringing calm, peace of mind and mental stability, as well as good health. It also gains you the respect of others. This charm is especially perfect for anyone born on a Monday.


6 Tuesday's Child

Tuesday is ruled by the masculine planet of Mars, bringing an authoritative air of leadership and confidence to anyone falling under its influence. It also brings success to any kind of competitive situation. The colour of Mars is red, so a red stone will further enhance its energies. Start carrying this keycharm on a Tuesday for fabulous victory luck.


4 Wednesday's Child

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, the Winged Messenger, bringing intelligence and amazing analytical capabilities. Green stones and the symbol of Mercury will help anyone in need of better strategies, and especially those of you born on Wednesdays.


7 Thursday's Child

Thursday is ruled by the most auspicious of the planets, Jupiter, the bringer or Jollity. Those who successfully activate its energies will enjoy wealth, success and great influence with others. Yellow is the color associated with this planet, and this keycharm is especially suitable for those born on a Thursday.


3 Friday's Child

Fridays are associated with the planet Venus, and its energy nurtures relationships and romance and everything to do with the heart. Those who empower Venus by wearing its symbol will enjoy all kinds of material comforts and domestic bliss. Clear, white stones such as diamonds and quartz crystals can be used to further enhance.


2 Saturday's Child

Saturday is ruled by the planet Saturn, which governs careers and worklife. When obstacles stand in the way of your professional success, or if you can't seem to get along with your co-workers or boss, wearing the symbol of Saturn will aid you tremendously. This charm is especially effective for those of you born on a Saturday.


5 Sunday's Child

Sunday is the Sabbath Day and ruled by the principal planet the SUN! Sunday's Sun energy brings fame, success and recognition. It also enhances one's personal aura. This charm is excellent for anyone born on a Sunday, or anyone looking for success in a public way. The colour associated with Sunday is red.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World ( November/December 2010 )". To subscribe, please click here.