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Awesome Affirmations - If you can feel it, you can be it...

Don’t doubt the power of positive affirmations. Its powers have been well used and well documented. Your happiness, well-being and success in life is determined as much by the thoughts you hold in your own subconscious mind as on the people that surround you and circumstances you find you find yourself in. Make your own fate. By constantly reinforcing all the positive in your life, you can make your own reality. And it can be easier than ever with these auspicious keychains studded with crystals. Carry “Rich” and become rich! Carry “Lucky” and become lucky!

RICH Keychain

Words are power and with power comes wealth! Empower your aura with energy that brings wealth with this special keychain. Made from chrome gold and embedded with brilliant zirconia crystals, this beautiful accessory is a must-have for anyone who wants a shot at building wealth. The classy faux leather red tassel attracts fame and recognition.


Designed with a triangle contained within a circle, this amulet represents powerful Fire & Gold energy. Inscribed within the red triangle is an extremely powerful mantra that is particularly effective for subduing quarrelsome energy towards you. Carry this talisman if you are afflicted by the number 3 quarrelsome star, or have the problem of people who are envious of you and waiting for an opportunity to put you down. This amulet keeps you strong, enabling you to overcome gossip, slander and office politics.

LUCKY Keychain

Get luck on your side with this auspicious keychain that features the word LUCKY. Made in chrome silver and embedded with brilliant zirconia crystals, carrying this beautiful accessory attracts good luck into your life. The U in the word “lucky” has been designed as a horseshoe, thus bringing you luck while providing you with protection against harm as well. The classy faux leather tassel is made in blue to capture the essence of Water, to give you a boost in wealth and career luck. Clip onto your handbags or laptop bags, and carry good luck with you everywhere you go.


The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World ( September/October 2010 )". To subscribe, please click here.