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Staying Safe yet Stylish - Protective hangings to keep harmful energies at bay

To the Chinese, protection is always better than cure. You never know when you may get afflicted by a stray malevolent star... and with the chi energies ever-changing with the unrelenting passage of time, it’s best to be safeguarded than sorry. There’s an amulet for almost every kind of affliction and here we introduce some that are particularly relevant to the chi energies of this year and the next. Carefully designed making use of powerful age old symbols but marvelously modern to suit the decor of any contemporary home!

Victory Banner with Evil Eye
When People Cast Jealous Eyes On You...
The Evil Eye is a symbol found across the Mediterranean famous for its power of protection against the Evil Eye, the eye of jealousy. The Victory Banner is a symbol of triumph originating from the Eastern regions of the world. This special amulet combines energies from both symbols to protect you against harm caused by jealous competitors, colleagues, politics in the workplace, and gives you the power to rise victorious over them. The Mystic Knot brings abundant fortune and peace. Hang this near your front entrance to keep your home protected against those with unsavoury intentions.


Evil Eye with Om Mani Padme
Hum Keychain
Keeping Envy Out Of Your Life
The Evil Eye protects against the jealousy and covetousness of others. This amulet combines energies from the Evil Eye protection with the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra to guard you against jealous colleagues and petty politics in the workplace, giving you the power to rise victorious over anyone wishing you ill. Carry this amulet close to you as a keychain, or clipped onto your handbag or workbag.


Three Celestial Guardians
Make the 3 Celestial Guardians your Permanent Friend
Protect against Three Killings with this amulet that features Chi Lin, Pi Yao and the auspicious Fu Dog. These three celestial animals have been strengthened with their powerful implements, the Fearless Sword, the Magic Lasso and the Hook. Clip this trinity of guardians to your bag for general protection, particularly if you have a bedroom, entrance or a door in the Three Killings location.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World ( September/October 2010 )". To subscribe, please click here.