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Lucky Charms - little gifts from the Gods

Have you had a bad year? Has everything you’ve tried to do lately seem like a constant struggle? Thankfully, there is an easy way to give yourself a boost of luck, just enough to get through little bumps in your life. It’s called wearing a lucky charm. And just before you raise your skeptical eyebrows, there is evidence to suggest that lucky charms really do work!

A study conducted by the University of Cologne recently indicated that lucky charms and superstitious practice actually do work. According to Britain's Daily Mail, a research group measured the performance of two groups of individuals carrying out a series of tasks. One group was given lucky charms and another was not. Participants with the charms performed significantly better, particularly in the activity of putting golf balls! Those wearing charms also reported feeling more confident in achieving tasks given to them. Amulets and charms cannot just be mere mental placebos?

There are indeed more subtle, mystical, powerful forces at work.

The concept of lucky charms and the rituals to empower them are not new. They have been around for many centuries. Our grandmothers and their grandmothers knew about the power of charms. History tells us that kings, noblemen and humble village chiefs even till today, have relied on the mysterious workings of rituals and charms to help them in times of need.

In every tradition around the world, rituals and ceremonies abound to help noble and common folk alike overcome misfortune and invite wealth and happiness into their lives. Charms for finding love. Charms to heal. Charms to guard against jealous friends. Amulets to prevent theft. Talismans for every kind of misfortune have been developed to ward off bad luck, protect from harm, and bring good fortune to the bearer.

Amulets worn to heal have been around for a very long time. Jews, Christians, Buddhists and Muslims around the world have methods to create amulets that heal the sick and even to protect against death. Amulets were either worn touching the body or hung above the child's head. Medicinal amulets were soaked in bathing water to transfer its healing properties into water used for bathing.

In Tibet and India, medicinal amulets are also taken as food; mantras or prayer inscriptions used to be inscribed onto food which were then boiled and the broth from the food then eaten by the sick person.

These methods have been passed down the generations by word of mouth, written into songs and engraved on walls of sacred places. In ancient parts of the world like Tibet and Nepal, rituals and methods to make amulets were written into lineage texts that were kept secret and passed down from generation to generation. these were often kept in temples and monasteries.  The methods for making talismans and performing rituals that create real miracles were highly guarded secrets and only taught to a chosen few who showed pure virtue.

Legends tell us that many miracles were conducted all through history by ordinary people who have been remembered as holy men. The most famous are the ones quoted in the bible; Jesus Christ turned water into wine and walked on water. Moses parted the Red Sea.

In the 17th century, it was not uncommon even for Yogi masters (spiritual practitioners) to fly in the sky! The older Tibetan monks corroborate that flying and astral travelling were commonly witnessed phenomenon as recent as during the turn of the last century in Tibet!

An Age Of Miracles?
Miracles happen every day. It deepens on what gets reported and written about. But consider.

Babies and mothers who are not meant to live, actually survive through miraculous intervention. Through the prayer of millions, rain appears amidst a drought.

Accidents are averted daily in cities where there are millions of fast moving automobiles with drivers who recklessly disobey traffic rules. Cyclones suddenly veer off mainlands.

Lighthouses mysteriously appear in the middle of the ocean to guide ships to safety. So magic does exist. Miracles do happen. There are Angels in our midst. These paranormal realms are real. But they are so subtle and so masqueraded in their commonplaceness that we cannot see them. We don’t know how to see them.

Just because we don’t know how to see them does not mean they do not exist. About 150 years ago, radio waves did not exist. But in 1865 James Clerk Maxwell mathematically proved that they were possible. In 1887, Heinrich Hertz used James’ equations to create radio waves in his lab. Today, radio waves are everywhere! But they are invisible. The human eye can’t see it. We can’t feel it or hear it. But with the right tools, such as a radio with an antenna, you can receive radio signals. With the right tools you can send out radio signals.

So in the same way, good luck charms are not just about psycho-ing us into believing in good luck at a superficial level. Amulets and talismans have authentic cosmic roots. They are the tools and methods given to us by the Gods and the potential for magic lies in every living being!

We can gain access to the powers of our inner mind and universal forces to achieve little miracles that improve our lives. They heighten our intuition so we avoid costly decisions. They bring help from out of the blue when we are in trouble. They provide us with narrow escapes from death through manipulating our actions in split seconds of time.

Maybe yes, in a way we are psycho-ing ourselves into good luck, but it’s not without help from universal cosmic forces. Whatever the reason, or how they work, the fact remains that they do work.

So, are you stuck in a rut? Don’t worry. Find an empowered talisman. Learn how to practice some sacred ritual. Recite the right kind of mantras, have faith in yourself and in the power of the cosmic forces within you. Live, work, sleep with confidence; empower your surroundings and your personal aura with amulets and talismans, then let the luck roll in. Be prepared for surprises.

Monica Besra of India, mother of five, gratefully tells the world that she was cured of her abdominal tumour by a medallion that contained the image of Mother Theresa. She was gravely ill and there was no medical help available to operate on her. So nuns prayed for her and placed the medallion on her abdomen. Monica says that light shone out of the medallion and cured her of her tumor.


The Star of David from the Jewish tradition is engraved with Hebrew syllables that protect its wearer against the evil eye of jealousy, loss of fortune, spiritual disturbances and ill health.


The Kemiyah Amulet is a Jewish amulet where ancient secret prayers and text are written into tiny parchment scroll and stored inside this silver cylindrical casing. This talisman provides blessing of wealth, health and happiness.


This is the sacred mantra ring. It will protect you and bring you good fortune luck. Wear this ring near your body and recite the mantra to invoke blessings.


Wearing Nine Eyed Dzi helps the wearer collect nine types of merits, which helps to purify negative karma and to dissolve all obstacles and blocks to success. This Dzi enables the wearer to gain power and influence. It also brings wealth and windfall luck to the wearer.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World ( September/October 2010 )". To subscribe, please click here.