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Energy Field of Earth and Symbols

Adapting an unhindered energy flow is the quintessential aspect of any good building design. Energy can be classified into many types viz sound, light, air, solar, magnetic and invisible and each of the energies have a specific impact on the occupants.

Change of energies has a potent effect on the existence of life force and human beings. Vaastu and feng shui can effectively enhance the energy fields and with a proper placement of potent symbols, you can benefit a lot due to the high energy fields that surround us.

Many of the ancient monuments around the world have one thing in common and that is the presence of Earth energies (i.e., underground water, ley lines, and ley-line power centers), which have the power to alter and uplift human consciousness. There are many methods to identify these energy lines, either through dowsing tools, lecher antenna or the biometere. Not just earth’s energy fields, but even certain symbols and shapes emit positive energy, and when such symbols are in our home, it ensures a very supportive and spiritually charged environment.

Energy changes constantly, and in turn, everything on Earth is in the process of transformation and change. Some of the energies – like flow of rivers, wind, weather and tides – are easily seen, whereas many are invisible to us because our senses can pick up only limited range of vibrations and radiations. We can see colour but not X-rays, and we can hear sounds but only if they are loud enough and within our audio frequency range.

However, the human body is the best “receiver” on Earth, which can detect many things that machines and technologies cannot, especially in the areas of emotion, feelings and consciousness. It has been scientifically found that the human body reacts and responds to two subtle energy systems – the electromagnetic fields of underground water streams and ley lines. Research has also revealed that these Earth energies are important because ancient monuments such as stone circles, as well as cathedrals and all kinds of historic sacred spaces, are invariably situated on centers of Earth energies.

Ley lines and other energy lines are paths of energy that run through the landscape. They transport energy around the planet. All these energy lines lie on the surface of the earth, and not in the ground. Ley lines are a specific kind of energy lines and apart from them, many other energy lines like Hartman lines, curry lines, and benkerlines (named after the scientists who discovered them) exist. Every type of energy line forms its own network around the Mother planet.

Although special antennae and apparatus need to be used to identify these energy lines, one can get a feel of their existence by observing the behaviour of animals, as they are found to be sensitive to these lines and they instinctively avoid them as much as possible However, bees, ants and cats defy this and build their homes on these zones. Bees build their honeycombs on the nodes or intersections of these lines, ants build their anthills on the nodes and cats will always find these intersections and sit right there. The fact being that they create their space intelligently using good geometry to counter the danger zones.

Bees build their honey comb out of natural substances such as wax and mud, and the comb’s form is unique; all the hexagons are of the same size and there is a certain ratio that is always maintained. Cumulatively, they eliminate or neutralize the negative energy of the lines. Ants too build their anthills out of a natural substance, mud. The shape of the hill is perfectly proportioned and all this again does the job of neutralizing or eliminating the negative energy. Cats prefer to move around and rest on such negative energy zones. Hence when you see a cat lying in a place for a long time, you can be pretty sure that a leyline exists there.

An interesting discovery is that some of the ancient monument sites have adapted architecture to build around these ley lines in a specific manner. Some of the ancient cultures took into consideration the various effects these grids had on the human body, and constructed places for worship and religious gatherings by orienting the structures in accordance with the earth’s energy fields. This was done as there was lot of energy in these sites, and in turn, this helped the people gathered there for chanting, praying and worshipping, which enhanced the effect of such prayers. In other parts of the world it was used for different purposes like the Pyramids in Egypt and Stonehenge and avery-henge in England. This science is known as “geobiology” or “bau biology”.

One classic example of adapting such energy zones for construction of temples is the renowned Shore temple of Mahabalipuram in Southern India close to the city of Chennai. The pillars of the temples were placed on the nodes or intersections of these strong energy lines. The Energies were aligned using ratios and techniques during construction and the solar energy was also taken into account at the site, based on the rising sun on a particular day in a year. The magnetic grid lines of the earth at the temple site were utilized to create harmonious energy fields.

It is well known that Doors help channel energies. In the Shore temple, the design technique used aligned the energies such that the centre line of the steps and door openings were shifted with respect to each other, converting static energy to dynamic energy. On the other hand, if the alignment of doors was perfect and totally symmetrical, then the energy would remain static within the complex.

Symbolism & Energy
It was found that it is not just the ley lines and grids which had energy, but even symbols and certain geometrical shapes emanated positive energy fields. A device known as Biometre can measure the energy that the ley lines give out; the scale used for measuring the energy was known as “Bovis”. It was found that a healthy person would give out 6,500 Bovis (2000 Bovis= 250 mill volts) and if the emission was found to be less than 6,500 Bovis, it was indicative of sickness in the person. Apart from the Biometer, a device known as the Lecher antenna can also be used to measure the same energy levels.

Research has shown that places of worship emanated high energy fields and each of the symbols in the place of worship in turn emanated very high energy fields. The ringing of church bells or prayer bells was found to produce over 11,000 Bovis. The Tibetan Monasteries had a level of over 14,000 Bovis especially when prayer and chanting takes place, and the most beautiful and precious Tibetan prayer wheel when turned lets out vibrations of over 20,000 Bovis. No doubt the Tibetan prayer wheel when filled with mantras gives magical effects and spreads blessings around, and can be even called a wish fulfilling wheel.

The Hindu religious symbol “OM” was found to emanate over 40,000 Bovis and the Egyptian symbol “Key of Life” (shaped like an eye) had a vibration of over 10,000 Bovis. The most interesting aspect of the findings was that the energy levels remained the same for these wonderful symbols irrespective of the type of material they were made of. This endorses the fact that the shape, geometry and dimension decided on the quality of vibrations and not necessarily what they were made of.

Understanding the earth’s energies, aligning the structure and adapting some powerful symbols as energizers can ensure that your home is surrounded with high energy vibrations which can aid in your mental, physical and spiritual growth.


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