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Moving “Right”: A 9-Step Commitment

A lot of people ask me to check for auspicious dates for them: for moving, having a social event or business plan, an important meeting, traveling etc. I have to admit that selecting dates for moving houses is the most challenging one. There are many questions and people usually remember the matter in the middle of the process, such as:

·   Are you currently still renovating?
·   At which stage are you?
·   When is the first and last day of renovation?
·   Did you move your stuff already or not?
·   Oh you slept on the couch! Does it count?
·   Date of birth?
·   And on and on…

Moving to a new house is a big commitment if you want to make it right. It also needs preparation and planning.

So I try to do my best to fit in the motion and catch the train. We can get at least 50% of the whole ritual done… not bad. The idea is to do your best anyway and not go wrong! Feng Shui doesn’t make it easy about moving… it depends on many things. The Chinese always have wisdom in their rituals and culture. The almanac is an essential tool used by all Chinese.

Selecting good days needs the knowledge of the animal affinities as good days for your friends are good days for you! These are always in the almanac. Make sure the little house icon is always highlighted in colour too.

I was thinking that maybe if I wrote this once, in a friendly manner, I could email it, print it, fax it, whatever. Just use it. That would take a huge load off me!! Let each one choose his own date!

The best days to select are your own animal days, with the “moving house” in colour, not in black. That will not be easy. Time has its own pattern. Choosing to do it right is a big commitment. If you cannot match them, try and look for your allies and secret friends’ good days so you can borrow their luck.

You can also take into consideration your excellence and vitality days if you go deeper into Chinese astrology. The other important thing is to make sure it’s not a bad day for you or your partner. Avoiding the damage is the objective. Also remember that moving in the first 15 days of the lunar month is the best for important steps such as moving house.

So here’s a step-by-step chronology of the “process of moving”.

Step 1: The first the day you start the renovations/building/works
This date is very important. It is the start of a new life. It must be chosen carefully on the almanac. This day is your real first interaction with your new house, even if you’re not the one hammering in the nail! You need to make sure the renovation icon is highlighted on that day.

Step 2: The day you finish the works - the very last nail
This day should complete the building process. Make sure there are no nails or drilling after this day. You don’t want to be knocking in an afflicted area and disturb the energies. NOT EVEN FOR A NAIL. Unless you know how your house is oriented.

Step 3: Cleaning the House
That is also the first day you enter the new house with cleaning supplies. It should also be an auspicious day. You want to move to a clean house, with new shining floors, and happy clean space. Don’t ignore any spot! Pass everywhere! Inside the hidden cupboards, in the kitchen drawers, even shoe cabinets! Good feng shui is based on clean energy and decluttered space.

Step 4: The Sea Salt and Rice Ritual
Still no moving yet! We need to clean that space from a spiritual angle. We also need to chose a good date for that. It is known in many civilizations that this mix of rock sea salts and rice absorbs all negative energies. The salt and rice must be in every corner of the house, toilets included. Then they need to stay in the house for 24 hours. So the next day you can hoover them.

This part sounds easy but it’s not. There are those who have 2 or 3 maids to do it for them, and those who have to do it themselves, like me. I experienced it many times. It’s exhausting. I do it with a real feeling of cleaning the space. I also believe that doing it yourself creates a bond between you and the house. You also need to tell the house that you will not disturb anything or anyone while moving.

Step 5: Shaking the House
Still no moving… now you need to clear and put life in every corner of the house. You also need to select a good day… that’s the day you get your bells and singing bowls and you create good vibrations in the new house. Make sure you make a lot of noise, in every cupboard, and small corners. That ritual creates very good vibes. It injects happiness into the house. Choose an hour that doesn’t disturb the neighbors. You are now officially categorized as a “weirdo”.

Step 6: First night
To me, this is THE day and THE night. It’s the first night of bonding with the house. I try my best to make it an overnight so I can start putting things at their place. I moved around a lot in my life. I could never sleep on the first night. It always felt sacred. Make sure it is a very good day for you, both according to your animal sign and the forecast of the day from the almanac. Do not forget to install all your feng shui cures and enhancers. The house must be ready from Day 1.

Step 7: The First Carton
This day must be selected also according to the almanac. Today, you can start moving things. If you are good in coordination and have help, it could also be the first day you sleep in your house. Otherwise, you need to go through step 9 to select another day! I would get into moving it at a good hour (also in the almanac).

This day is a tough day. Do it with love. Rediscover every object you touch. Of course if you’ve already taken the compass measurements, it gets easier to place the object. Example: Lamp in South because South is fire and light, plant in East to activate the family and health corner, etc…

There are also people who feel things without knowing anything about feng shui. They just have good energy!

Step 8: Space Clearing
For believers, this is a key activity. Believers from any spiritual tendency or religion. It must be done on a good date as well! There are many ways of space clearing. Some prefer to do it themselves, as there are many ways of doing it. In my country, people are very religious and they tend to get a priest or a sheikh to do it for them. The most important thing is the feeling of entering a sacred space without disturbing it and with good intent, and with lots of good energy.

Recipe of the feng shui space clearing way: you start at the entrance, then the bedrooms, then the living rooms, then to the entrance again to close the circle. In every room, you must turn around in a clockwise manner 3 times. This step is important. It’s the piece of peace you bring before moving. Lillian has a CD on that subject. Learning how to do it yourself will give you more satisfying. I personally use a combo technique: a bit of reiki, a bit of Lillian, a bit from my mum... I believe it’s best done by oneself, and it is very easy to learn.

Step 9: Celebrations
Last date to select… what a relief. Now that the house is alive, we must fill it with yang energy. Have a party to warm the house; a big one. Be generous. The house will give it back to you. Offer your house some flowers, put some life everywhere. Make as much noise as you can, but you must think of apologizing to the neighbours before.

Do not think of it as a burden, so don’t overload yourself with the small details. You must be happy too. It’s your party and the house’s party too! Of course, the guests won’t know how hard it was for you to coordinate all that. In reality, you are the only one who knows what you went through. It’s between you and your house, your own secret. If something gets broken, don’t get mad. It happens very often. In my country, there’s a saying that is interpreted as if “evil is broken/gone”.

Now that you’ve read the guide:
  • You know that you can repeat the cleaning process onwards at least once a year. The Chinese New Year period is very adequate for deep cleaning, and I perform space cleaning very often. I can feel whenever it is needed.
  • You understand that if you want to “move right” you need some planning and coordination skills.
  • You do not expect to move “by tomorrow”. It “depends”.
  • You appreciate it when we can help you pick good dates for moving.
  • You can browse to get your own personal almanac and chose your own luck yourself, any kind of luck: wedding dates, business luck days, and many other things…
  • You can then plan other things too.
  • Your almanac is like a Bible. If it is up to date, your life can be in control!
  • My advice is to make this process a happy event, done with the best energy ever. Don’t start by criticizing. Also be patient. Allow slight changing in the dates, some unexpected details might crop up during the process. I think it’s always meant to be, and never take it personally. God is very busy and I’m not the only one around.
  • Happy moving!

Marie-Lise Chabtini
describes herself as a “well-being solutions hunter”. She believes in Do-It-Yourself feng shui and uses her skill not to make the rich richer, but to help the poor and unlucky to enhance their luck.

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The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (November/December 2009)". To subscribe, please click here.