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BEWARE Triple Danger in month of August

It is not often when three major feng shui afflictions come together to cause havoc, but in the month of August this is exactly what happens. The last time this occurred was about 60 years ago! Hence we have written this article especially to alert our readers to the dangers that lay ahead as we move into the 7th lunar and solar months of the Year of the Tiger, beginning on 7th August and ending on the 8th September. To make matters worse, this is also the month of the Hungry Ghosts , where wandering spirits from the Hell realms are given a one-month-pass to roam free on the human realm.

Because of the seriousness of this month’s dangers, we have also decided to make available one of our new cures to counter this triple affliction. This cure is actually meant to be released in December for next year but Lillian has kindly asked us to make it available now so that her readers can protect themselves adequately for this month.

But first, please read about what’s coming up …

Danger #1: Clashing Month and Year Pillars

 Our August Four Pillars chart indicates not one but two clashes between the month and year pillars. First, the Heavenly Stem to Earthly branch elements show a clash between wood and metal, which usually signifies violence and burglary. Next, the Earthly branches themselves also clash and this involves the Monkey and Tiger, two natural enemies of the Zodiac.  This clash suggest serious problems surfacing in love or marriage relationships and traffic accidents.

Cure: This affliction must be overcome by placing the Windhorse Mantra Plaque near the entrance of your home where it can successfully ward off the afflictive energies before it has a chance to enter the home. The Windhorse Mantra is so powerful that just by looking at it protects anyone from physical danger. The Windhorse Mantra is also available as a talisman pendant which you can wear at all times. This would be suitable for those who plan on travelling this month.

Danger #2: Five Yellow in the Centre

 The second danger to be wary of is the nasty Five Yellow, which as you know is the star of misfortune which brings financial loss or illness in the abdominal region. This month of August into September indicate that the number five has flown into the centre. Usually when a star flies into the centre it sets the tone for the energy of all buildings to become afflicted, hence affecting everyone living or working within. To avoid financial misfortune we advise that you only sign major contracts on good days (check our Almanac ) and make very sure that all care and due diligence is conducted before entering into any deal.

Cure: Place the Five Element Pagoda Ringing Bell in the centre of your building or home. To be extra safe, wear the Tree of Life Five Element Pagoda Pendant or Five Element Pagoda Pendant at all times to protect you from danger when you are in buildings or homes that are not protected by cures. The Tree of Life pendant is a new cure (not available until now) and it will carry you through 2011 Golden Rabbit Year as well. (Note: This pendant is only available from or at our Mid Valley Megamall store in Kuala Lumpur. Because they are offered to you so early, we only have limited numbers available.)

Danger #3: Hungry Ghost Month

 The Hungry Ghost month begins on the 10th August and ends on 7th September (you can read about it in greater detail here). Suffice to say that hungry spirits roam free in unlimited numbers this month and when left unfed, they cause mischief in the form of accidents, loss of possessions, theft, and disharmony at home or at work. During this month it is not safe to stay out late at night and or walk alone in quiet alleys.

Cure: Wear the Hum Pendant touching your skin to protect you from personal danger. The Hum pendant is particularly powerful in protecting you from spirit harm which could mean being possessed by spirits, or suffering harm caused by spirits. At home, you can also perform an act of charity by feeding these poor spirits with burning incense . Dedicate the smoke and smells it creates to all the spirits and protectors around you and you will turn them into your cosmic guardians.


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