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The Love Mirror & How To Empower It

For attracting love and Marriage into your life.

This personalized brass mirror can be transformed into a very powerful tool for attracting and binding enticing marriage opportunities, and enhancing and strengthening your bonds of marriage if you are already married. It will also bring a meaningful love relationship into your life if this is presently still missing. Lillian Too explains.

 This is a love mirror. It is made of brass and the symbols contained on the back are for expanding and magnifying your state of happiness brought by love. The symbols used include the dragon and phoenix frolicking in a state of love. These celestial creatures are the strongest symbols of marriage unions and in ancient China, from the Emperor down to the most humble young man in the land, marriage was always signified by the dragon and phoenix symbol.

In the mirror, the phoenix is shown flying above the dragon, and this signifies the power of the Matriarch energy which nurtures and cares for the family unit and is also the nucleus of a new family unit.
The dragon below establishes the male presence of yang, signifying strength and foundation, keeping the bird aloft in artful splendour. Together they create the imagery of the perfect union of togetherness, signifying a serious coming together into a state of marriage and creating the eternal happiness of conjugal bliss and family.
The dragon and phoenix in this posture is considered to be the most effective symbolism for invoking Taoist magical energy for creating the luck of marriage opportunities for eligible young men and women. This is something known to many old matriarchs, so it comes down as oral lineages rather than as written alchemical texts. The symbol of the dragon and phoenix in this pose is nevertheless widely used, especially during wedding dinners and celebrations. Its image on the brass mirror is thus extremely auspicious and very effective for those looking for love and marriage.

"To be fully effective, the mirror, which has a handle and red coloured threads tied into the eternal mystical knot, must be “energized” by the yin energy of moonbeams and empowered by the yang energy of the sun’s rays over a period of 30 days – a full cycle of the waxing moon and the eternally waxing sun. Hence the symbols of the sun and the moon in the top right and left hand corners."

In addition, to symbolize eternal happiness, there must be also a pair of little birds which signifies fidelity and loyalty.

There is also the double happiness character which signifies longevity of happiness through marriage. This character also indicates excellent descendants luck for the couple. Indeed, the double happiness character is itself a powerful amulet for attracting marriage luck when worn as an adornment touching the body.

The inclusion of these tiny symbols on the reverse side of the brass mirror brings extra strength to the mirror once it gets activated with the rays and beams of the sun and the moon.
As with the use of feng shui principles to enhance the home for health, wealth and happiness, what are required only are the tools, the correct symbols and the right methods of application. Armed with these three basics, almost anyone with the determination to do so can start to use the love mirror to enhance their love life and to attract marriage opportunities.

Once you have the mirror, you can empower it. You can also revitalize it often with the rays of the sun and moon and keep it as one of your most treasured and prized possessions.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (March/April 2009)". To subscribe, please click here.