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Chinese Face Reading & the Lip Crease

Each face has a map of the past, present and future of one’s life. The past is our inherited constitution, our childhood and our early years. The present reflects our health at the time of reading. The future gives us an indication of whether our current luck can maintain into the future.

 One of the important areas to look at in Chinese face reading is the lip crease, also described as the ‘Person’s Center’. This is the area between your nose and lips embraced by two lines. The two lines are lifespan indicators. If these are in good shape, the person can live past a half century. To the Chinese, if you can live past 51 years, it means you have crossed into the second half of the century and it is cause for celebration. When the indications are not so fortunate, you are advised to be extra careful as you approach the big 50!

Your lip crease also says a lot about how easy it is for you to conceive, whether you will have more sons or more daughters, and also how gracefully you age and whether you get more or less fortunate in later life… so read on if you want to find out more about these questions in your life.


 1. Narrow to Wide

The ideal lip crease is one that starts out narrow at the bottom of the nose, but opens wider at the bottom as it nears the lips. People who have this kind of lip crease can definitely live past 51 years. They also have a strong relationship with their children. 

It indicates someone who can have many offspring. Some sources suggest that the person may have children in later life and that a disproportionate number of them will be girls.

2. Wide to Narrow

This type starts out wide at the nose and narrows down at the lips. This type of crease indicates difficulty in conceiving. It also suggests that their children could face a life-threatening incident. However, if the spouse of this person has the ideal lip crease, that mitigates the problem.

This crease type also indicates “The Emperor’s Message is Lost”. The physical energy is constricted and the person could suffer from ill health, low fertility and loss of fortune towards the later years of life. There are few offspring and there are more daughters than sons.

 3. Split Mustache

This is a case where a man’s moustache grows perfectly on the top lip but doesn’t grow at all in between the lip creases. This indicates that no matter how much this person helps others, people will not be grateful. The people they help will think it should have been done any way, and the person will not get recognition for helping out.

4. Mole

A mole in the lip crease has several different meanings. If the mole is near the top, the person will have more sons. If it is near the bottom, more girls. However, if the mole is at the center, such a person will easily find a spouse, but it will be harder to conceive and raise their children.

 5. Transverse Lines

When there are some transverse lines across the lip crease, this indicates a person with difficulty in marriage. He or she probably has to sacrifice a lot for the children, and the children could create problems for them. 

6. Faint & Short

If the lip crease is barely visible and short, then the person would have more difficulty conceiving. This is due in part to a short and faint crease indicating they are less healthy than other people. They should pay more attention to their health and take measures to remain healthy in order to conceive.

 7. Wide Midpoint

If the widest point of the lip crease is in the midsection, the energy of the emperor’s message is constricted; it stagnates and forms a lake. This will reflect on the person’s 50th year, indicating depression, illness and loss.

8. Fading

This feature describes a lip crease that descends from the nose and fades before reaching the mouth. This is considered unfortunate. Illness, loss and premature death are indicated. But this becomes less apparent if the lip crease is noticeably long. A longer lip crease will serve to increase longevity but not happiness, because feelings of isolation from one’s offspring are indicated during later life.

 9. Deep & Long

The long, straight, deep and broad lip crease is the best type. Such a person will have a long, fertile and fortunate life and will see considerable advances in personal status in the 50th year. If the lip crease appears long and deep between the nose and the lips, then this person is likely to have many children and live to a ripe old age. If they do not practice birth control, they could have between 5 and 8 children, with more boys than girls.

10. Bent

When the lip crease inclines to the left or right, it not only affects the balance of the entire face, but is also a bad omen. This feature indicates failure, frustration, and loss of direction. It also indicates depression and financial problems. It can also indicate that the subject will remain childless.

11. Curvy

If the lip crease is curvy and gravitates upward, this indicates the person is impulsive, and likely to make bad decisions. Such a person tends to be lazy and skittish, not an ideal life partner. 

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (January/February 2008)". To subscribe, please click here.