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Must Have Feng Shui Enhancers for The Year 2009

The coming year fills with good fortune. To enhance, display a Jade Ox in the Northeast of your house in the living room. Besides that, you need to enhance the good areas and suppress the bad areas to ensure a good year comes to you and all the bad or misfortune luck is under control. Take note on the following enhancers and cures that you should display in your home according to the areas stated.

The Star Of FUTURE PROSPERITY Lands In The Center of Home
All family members in the house can enjoy tremendous good fortune when it comes to wealth and finances. The future prosperity star not only brings wealth but also instant recognition. Homes that have a large open central area will attract long-term fortune luck for its residents. To enhance, display the nine glitter lamps in this part of your home. You should also display the 9 civilian rank badges in the center to bring you upward mobility.
The Number 6 HEAVEN Star Flies To The Southwest
The heaven star is regarded as very auspicious, attracting good fortune that comes when you least expect it. Those who gamble will benefit if their rooms are in the Southwest of their homes. Houses with main doors located in or facing Southwest also benefit. This manifests as added power and authority. Those born under the Monkey and Sheep animal signs will especially benefit from this auspicious star. To strengthen the star, place a 6 tier water feature in this area. Alternatively, you can place 9 elephants with monkeys.
The South Enjoys LOVE Luck
Residents enjoy the loving energy and literary luck of the #4 star. This is also regarded as the Peach Blossom star, so those living in South rooms could find themselves enjoying plenty of romance this year. It is also the star that brings education luck. South is the sector of the daughter, so unmarried young females residing in South rooms can settle down and get married. To strengthen marriage luck, activate the South with a painting of peonies or 9 horses that represents a happy marriage. Those wanting education luck should display a writing brush on the ledge above the main door.
The Number 1 WHITE Star flies to the Northwest
The White star 1 brings extremely good career and mentor luck. It is also associated with winning and attaining success over the competition, so it generally brings victory luck to those enjoying its good influences. The number 1 star also benefits the Patriarch. It is advantageous when you display a victory banner in this corner. Place 9 rank badges here for added success and triumph over competitors.
The PROSPERITY Star 8 in the Southeast
The auspicious star #8 moves to the Southeast in 2009 and brings plenty of wealth luck to residents who activate it correctly. People with bedrooms or living rooms located in the Southeast also benefit. This lucky star helps improve fortunes, bringing about easy success, reducing opposition and banishing hostility. To enhance, display a 9 tier water fountain or wealth spinner. If you are planning to do renovations in 2009, you should begin in and end in this part of your house to ensure that work goes smoothly.
The BURGLARY Star Hits the East
This star brings loss, violence and bloodshed. Residents of East rooms and East facing houses are thus vulnerable to being cheated, usually resulting in financial loss. At its worst, this star brings physical danger. If your house faces East, you need to place the appropriate remedies. You must be especially cautious and should not trust others easily. The most effective remedy is to display the doubled-horned rhinoceros or elephant with trunk up. Even better if you display both. You may also hang small rhinos made carved from blue stones onto your handbag to protect against snatch thieves.
The ILLNESS Star Plagues the West
The number #2 star is an illness star that will hurt family members threatened by illness or disease. When hit by the illness star, one is sure to fall sick. Avoid staying in the West sector. Place Acala’s disc and ball in the afflicted sector. If the illness star is in your bedroom, try to move to another room. If you cannot, then the bed should not be in the West corner of the bedroom. Get a wishfulfilling jewel enriched with Medicine Buddha mantra to place at the side of your bed.
The Northeast Is Hit By the QUARRELSOME Star
The number 3 star brings quarrels, fights and aggravations, which brings problems to relationships, from professional to intimate. There are plenty of misunderstandings that can escalate quickly into serious differences. If you do not properly cure this star, it will bring disharmony between family members. Display the powerful Manjushri sword in this area as this has the power to suppress the effects of the quarrelsome #3 star.
The FIVE YELLOW Afflicts the North
This is the most feared star in the feng shui annual chart as it brings severe misfortune, tragedy and bad luck. This star brings loss of income and sometimes even loss of life. It can cause severe health complications. The best way to counter this star is to simply to vacate rooms afflicted by it. Do not play loud music or have the television here. Do not dig in the North of your garden and do not cut down any trees here. Display the 5 element bell to remedy.