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Sacred Mantras - The Power of Symbolic Sounds

Mantras are sacred sounds that symbolize the divine power of the highest consciousness within us all. Sacred mantras originated in Sanskrit and they are believed to have been transmitted directly from the Buddhas. The empowerments invoked by mantras are limitless in their benefits although how they manifest depends on the mind of the individual person reciting them. The contexts in which they are chanted, written or placed close to the body also play a big part in their empowering benefits.

All sacred mantras have great power but different mantras bring different benefits. Buddhists believe that there are powerful mantras the chanting, writing and wearing of which protects and helps bring individuals to progressively higher levels of consciousness. Here are two of these incredibly powerful mantras.

The first of these mantras, the wish fulfilling mantra can be recited for any desires, goals, issues or problems. You can request for any purpose or motivation, as long as you wish for highest good and do not bring harm to others. This mantra can be recited or written to bring more happiness, a better life and greater peace of mind. It can be for spiritual, emotional, mental, physical & material fulfillment. As such you can recite this mantra for love, marriage, relationships, children, health, career, success, business, wealth or prosperity. This mantra can be recited, written or worn for the fulfillment of any worthy goal or desire.

The mantra which purifies 100,000 eons of negative karma is for overcoming all the bad luck in your life, all the obstacles to your success and all the negative conditions in your life. Just by seeing this mantra brings relief, so spend some time looking at the mantra, then close your eyes to make sure an image of the mantra has been etched into your consciousness. This is such a powerfully purifying practice that it is worthwhile making a real effort to do it.


How Mantras Work                           

Mantras work by neutralizing, transcending & alleviating difficult karma. Mantras are a powerful method for the appeasement of sufferings, for the removal of obstacles and for the dissolution of crisis. They bring clarity where there is confusion and healing where there is sickness. Irrespective of whether your illness is caused by physical, emotional, mental or spiritual imbalances, mantras bring calm and dissolution, thereby creating an improved situation.

When you start to recite mantras regularly, perhaps a mala (108 times) each day, you will start to experience a calmer and quieter state of mind. It does not matter if you know how to meditate. The reciting or writing of mantra is itself a state of meditation. Over time you will observe a difference in the functioning of your mind.

Your perception of reality evolves, and in time, your tendency to worry diminishes. Answers and solutions come to you spontaneously; you start to feel happier, more joyful.

By reciting your Mantra you have started connecting with your higher self. The more you progress in your Mantra journey, the more you become aware of your higher self, your creator self. Unconsciously, you begin to take responsibility for everything that happens to you. Then you start to see that you only have to give voice to your desires, and they manifest for you. This way, you attract opportunities that support the actualization of all your desires.

You become one with the whole Universe and your energy synchronizes itself to create perfect timing. A whole combination of events will support your development. All around, you begin to appreciate opportunities that were always there but which you could not previously appreciate. 

One day you will wake up feeling inspired with new ideas and new ways of doing things. Thus will you start on your path to a better life. Reciting your mantras while having it close to your body will raise your consciousness to a more fully awakened state. When you open your eyes spiritually, you become a more optimistic person because you will then be able to see opportunities and potential everywhere. When you are fully awake to the world, there is simply no way you will be pessimistic, because all you will see is potential in yourself and in others.

When you recite mantras the sounds emitted enhance your vibration level and changes the frequency on which you experience life. This raises your level of awareness and consciousness. So mantras help you become more “in tune” with the Cosmic energy around you. This way, your whole experience of life is transformed. You start attracting what is better for you. You start attracting what you need, what you want, what you desire.

When you write mantras the mind focuses on the written syllables and this changes the vibrations of your thought patterns. You start to tune in to the cosmic levels of your consciousness. Once again your thinking becomes transformed and you start to interact with the cosmic energy of the Universe and good things start coming to you.

When you wear the mantras on your body they invoke a continuous replay of your mantra recitation. They help you access your higher self with greater speed and efficiency.

This whole transformation is a progressive journey. Whether you feel the enhanced energy levels immediately or not, they are still working at a deep level of karmic consciousness. Some breakthroughs occur immediately; others take some months. Much depends on your karma, the intensity of your mantra recitation, your level of awareness, your commitment and your motivation. But when you start to experience new states of awareness, new feelings, new attitudes, new perceptions of life, the transformation of your surrounding – all these positive and wonderful things are happening to you naturally, coming from within you. 

It is then that you understand that life does not have to be difficult. Everyone has a right to a good life and it is our true nature to be at ease and to live in a state of bliss.

It is essential only to remember that according to the wisdom truth of karma, whatever good or bad, positive or negative, happiness or unhappiness, success or failure, pleasure or pain, prosperity or lack, that we come across in our life, is a direct result of our own past actions, past thoughts & past perceptions.

Mantras are part of your present and they represent the actions you are taking to remove past negative karma and create positive karma. Mantras neutralize difficulties, dissolve blockages and solve all problems. They also work at preventing potential future negative occurrences.

Mantras were passed down through the ages by the Buddha’s disciples and pandits who heard them directly from the Buddha himself. Their effectiveness is based upon the purity of the syllables. Mantras are Sanskrit sounds and words vibrating with higher forces of nature, and Sanskrit is the language of the Vedas. Mantras were orally transmitted to Sages who heard them while in deep meditation. Mantra chanting has been used over and over again for millenniums. Its effects have become more powerful and accumulative. The more they are repeated, the more effective they become.

As sound symbolism, the reciting of powerful mantras has meaning whether we are aware of them or not. There are multiple layers of symbolism associated with each and every sound of sacred mantras. So even when we do not understand them, mantras have great power.

Certain syllables found in many mantras are representative of the divine, and these seed syllables are regarded with as much reverence as the mantras themselves. The most well known of the seed syllables is OM, which has subtle differences of meaning according to whether one speaks to a Hindu or a Buddhist and even between the different schools of Buddhism. However, all look on OM as a holy syllable. Another powerful syllable is HUM which features in many Buddhist mantras. 

While mantras are most often recited to invoke their great powers, writing mantras are equally beneficial. To the Hindus the sound of mantras were often more important than the written language but the Chinese prized written language. In China, the writing of mantras became a spiritual practice in its own right. So while Brahmins are very strict on correct pronunciation, the Chinese, and other Far-Eastern Buddhists, are usually less concerned.

Special Note : Some people have attempted to copy the mantra rings produced by WOFS by merely making a mould over the original ring. The material they use is a cheap alloy. This does not work as the idea is to use real silver and real gold to make an offering to the mantra. Then only will the blessing power of the mantra manifest. Please do not buy the fakes as it is also negative karma. 

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (March/April 2007)". To subscribe, please click here.