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Auspicious Hangings to Carry for Luck

These exquisite crystal hangings made using the Liu Li method are the perfect accessory for your handbag. Fashioned into lucky symbols to bring all kinds of good luck and protection, pick the one you like most, or collect them all to take care of the whole spectrum of aspirations! They also make wonderful feng shui gifts for friends, family and loved ones; worth enough to say you care, but not so much to burn a hole in your pocket!

      Mystic Knot in Rainbow Colours
The mystic knot is the infinity sign multiplied three times, bringing a long and happy life enriched with endless good fortune. This auspicious symbol knocks down any setbacks you may face, bringing easy success for all your ventures. It is also widely used as a symbol of everlasting love. Probably the safest gift of good luck, for it covers wealth, love, happiness and protection!
   Bountiful Bat with Coins
The bat is an auspicious symbol of prosperity, happiness and longevity. In Chinese, the bat is known as Pian Fu, and the sound fu also sounds like the word for ‘happiness and good fortune’. Hanging it in the living or dining room will ensure the household enjoys great fortune. Or carry your personal bat charm around for personalized good luck.
   Pi Xie for anyone affected by the Tai Sui
The Pi Xie has the same power as the Pi Yao to assist anyone suffering from bad feng shui from confronting the Grand Duke Jupiter. If your front door faces Northwest, or you are born in the year of the Snake, Boar, Tiger or Monkey, you should carry the Pi Xie at all times, and display one in the NW of your home.
   The Three Legged Toad
If ever there was a symbol synonymous with instant wealth, it has to be the three-legged toad. This 3-legged toad is tailed by ten I-Ching coins, and brings you endless wealth. You can hang it at your wealth corner or near your main door. Or carry in your handbag.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (March/April 2007)". To subscribe, please click here.