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Using Colours in Feng Shui

Colours have a huge part to play in feng shui because each sector of the 8-sided pa kua is associated with a specific set of colours. Each one of the elements in 5-element theory is also associated with a set of colours, leaving feng shui practitioners plenty of room for creativity and originality when planning their homes, offices and even their wardrobes. Illustrated here is the Colour Pa Kua with each direction associated with a certain colour.




When planning the colour scheme of your home, use the colour pa kua as a guide and try to use colours that blend harmoniously with the energies of each sector. To determine which parts of your home fall within which sector, stand in the middle of your home and use a compass. Or better still get a floor plan of your home to demarcate the sectors accurately. Then work with colours that either match the energies of the sector, or colours that produce the energy of the sector.

You probably don’t want your home ending up looking like IKEA or a kindergarten; so if you’re too conventional to go with full feature walls of colour, play with scatter cushions, sofa sets, curtains, paintings and rugs that feature predominantly a colour that’s auspicious for the sector you’re working with.


When it comes to dressing for success, did you know that different colours bring different kinds of luck to individuals based on their Kua number? Colours you choose to don on a hot date may differ from those you wear for a corporate meet or job interview. Different colours bring out different qualities in you, and according to feng shui, this is determined by your Kua. To work out what colour does what for you, find your Kua number then use the table below. 


Each of the 5 elements also has an assigned shape, and working with the same principles for your home and for yourself, you can work the same way you do with colours.

Patterns and Colour Combinations for Dressing

1. Are extremely lucky when done in all shades or red and maroon
2. Are very unlucky when done in metallic colour or in white
3. Are very lucky when the background colour is blue or black.
4. White strips on blue are lucky; white stripes on gold or silver are bad.
5. Green stripes on darker green are excessive wood. Not good.
6. Green stripes on black or blue are excellent.
7. Green stripes on red denote success.

Wavy Lines
1. Balance well with blues and greens.
2. Also excellent against a white background.
3. Clashes with bright red and orange.
4. Mixes well with dots and circles.
5. Goes well with rectangular shapes.

1. Best done in metallic colours, gold, silver and white.
2. Very auspicious on a beige or earthy background.

Zig Zag Lines
1. Match well with orange, beige and browns.
2. Most auspicious on a background of green or brown.

Squares and Checks
1. Matches extremely well with red and yellow.
2. Matches well also with whites and metallic colours.
3. Very inauspicious on a blue or black background.
4. Not recommended in green or blue.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (November/December 2006)". To subscribe, please click here.