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Mandala Magic

The Mandala is usually depicted as an elaborate palace set within squares and circles with four gates and walls and in the centre is Buddha. Inspired by the lush imagery of this symbol, OE has created a Mandala Ring and Pendant for believers in the magic of mandalas that form a powerfully protective and auspicious aura around their wearer.

In Sanskrit, ‘mandala’ has many meanings, ranging from ‘circle’, ‘polygon’, ‘circumference’ to ‘community’ and ‘connection’. The traditional mandala is drawn as a palace with 4 walls and 4 gates, guarded by deities who appear along a maze of corridors leading to the inner sanctum at the center.

The mandala is also an imaginary palace contemplated in detail during meditation. The inhabitants, architectural details and deities have special significance. In the centre of the mandala is often a resident deity, which can be Buddha or the patron deity of the artist.

The New Mandala Ring and Pendant

The new Mandala Ring and Pendant from the Lillian Too Feng Shui Jewellery Collection encompasses the universe on one’s hand. The square denotes the four walls of the palace with each side ‘guarded’ by 4 sparkling diamonds and with a red ruby on each end acting as sentinels.

Four ramparts lead into the first circle, ending with a green emerald. The four paths culminate in a watchtower guarding the precious ‘resident deity’ which is symbolized by a red solitaire garnet!

The red garnet held in place by 4 golden prongs and encircled by an outer ring seems suspended as if by magic in midair. It is crafted in fine 18K gold and the garnet is surrounded by 16 diamonds, 8 rubies and 4 emeralds.

Squaring the Circle

The Mandala Ring and Pendant is inspired by the sacred properties of this holy symbol. It is a perfect example of the ‘squaring of the circle’, thereby representing the roundness of heaven and the grounding energy of earth.

Mandalas help you find inner peace as you learn to traverse the many paths in life leading you to find what you seek.