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17 Ways to Shape Your Eyebrows

To start with, never ever allow anyone to completely shave off your eyebrows. This leaves you with absolutely no protection whatsoever and you become immediately vulnerable to all the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortunes. Secret arrows aimed at you will hit the mark more easily and you could become the victim of negative actions sent your way by those with wicked intentions.

Instead, make the most of your brows by skilfully shaping them to attract good fortune and prosperity. Use the full range of cosmetic aids to help you make your eyebrows auspicious for you. Shape them to bring you power and authority, attract the respect of peers and bosses and most importantly, ensure they guard you always. These 17 important tips will show you how to work with your brows so they become important assets of your face.

1. Make Eyebrows Longer Than The Eyes

Your eyebrows should always be longer than your eyes, as this brings good balance to the face. Long eyebrows also indicate mental clarity and an attractive disposition. When you have this feature in your eyebrows, it makes you a very talented speaker, especially when the hair of the brow appears glossy and healthy. You will also have plenty of friends and be popular with colleagues and family.

2. Big Eyebrows Bring Courage

When you have wide eyebrows that are also long and well formed, it indicates you will easily overcome obstacles in your life because you have the courage and to deal with difficulties. You will not lack for inner strength and you will also speak out in support of others when you know they are right. When the eyebrows are excessively large, you could become a might too aggressive, but it also indicates you will always have the final word in relationship matters. Few can win an argument against you.

3. Fill In Thin Eyebrows To Improve Luck

When your eyebrows look sparse and light, like they are ghost eyebrows, use light strokes to fill in and artificially thicken the brows. Otherwise your luck will be intermittent and irregular. So to improve your luck, it is a good idea to thicken your brows. But make sure you do not overdo it. When eyebrow hair becomes too thick, it suggests someone with a tendency to be dishonest.

4. Smooth Out Uneven Brows

When the hair of the brow appears rough and uneven (and it is shorter than the eye) you can artificially lengthen it with longish strokes. Refrain from making the brush strokes too short, since this is not auspicious. When the hair of the brow looks too short, it suggests you will have a hard time sustaining a good relationship with loved ones. You will have a short temper and get into arguments frequently and easily.

5. Thick Eyebrows Are Not A Good Idea

When eyebrows look like the head of a broom - where the hair is thick and hard, while the tail is scattered widely - it suggests someone who will nurse a broken heart. Such a person will tend to be lonely. There will also be little sympathy for you because you will frequently be angry and impatient. If you have such eyebrows, shape them to give them more definite form.

6. Thin Looking Eyebrows

When the front of the eyebrow appears sharp and the tail of the eyebrow narrow to a point, it indicates someone with a stubborn and independent streak. When the hairs of the brow are also very short and facing upwards, the indication is of a person who is cunning and cold-blooded. When the eyebrows are made a little thicker, it improves the luck of the person. This can be achieved with a brow pencil or brush.

7. When Eyebrows Are Wide & Hairy

This indicates what the Chinese refer to as the North Star eyebrow. Here, the front of the eyebrow is curved. The brow is wide and long, and there are lots of hairs at the end of the brow. Such brows are usually a dark colour and appear very glossy. The indications of this kind of brow are longevity, excellent education and good fortune. This is a person who has a long life span and plenty of prosperity luck. If you want to simulate this luck, make full use of dark, soft eyebrow pencils.

8. Chinese Character “One” Eyebrow

If you can shape your eyebrow to look like the Chinese character “one” and your eyebrow hairs are thick with strong roots, it indicates good fortune. Here the suggestion is that you will preside over a large family, so you have good descendents luck. The members of your family will bring you much happiness and they maintain close relationships with one another. You will own a good business from an early age and enjoy a good reputation at work. This type of eyebrow also denotes a strong, lasting and happy marriage.

9. Curved Knife Eyebrows

Such eyebrows resemble, an unsheathed curved dagger. The start of the brow is pointed and it broadens towards the end. The hair is strong and thick. If you draw your brows this way, it will bring you the luck of the natural-born businessperson who rarely misses an opportunity to make a profit or gain an advantage. You will develop sharp instincts and even when faced with a problem, you will find ways to solve them easily. Such people are usually confident and will happily share their success with other people.

10. Circular Rolling Eyebrows

If you want to attract the luck of being a powerful political leader or general, the kind of eyebrows to have are circular looking eyebrows where the hair is thick and curl towards the same direction. These are special eyebrows indeed and not everyone has the good fortune of having eyebrows that can curl powerfully upwards. If your brows are made up of long hair, you can try to shape them so they curl upwards. Then who knows - you could become someone really important.

11. Avoid Broom Eyebrows

If the hairs of your eyebrows are thick at the beginning, then become scarce at the end like a broom, you should definitely reshape your eyebrows by thinning out the start of the brows and widening and thickening the ends. Otherwise, you will attract financial problems and there will be few people you can turn to for help. Broom eyebrows also bring misfortunes to those who associate closely with them, so these are not good eyebrows to have.

12. Sword Eyebrows Are Excellent

When your eyebrows grow on the upper part of the eyebrow bone and they are straight, long, wide and flat, with the hairs all facing the same direction, they are described as sword eyebrows. These brows denotes a person who has good judgment and whose instincts are always sound. If you have such eyebrows, you should always go with how you feel, and always trust your own instincts.

13. Delicate Eyebrows Indicate Someone Trustworthy

When your eyebrows are long and slightly curved, and they look like arched bridges over your eyes, this indicates someone trustworthy. These eyebrows are not thick. Instead, they have a fine delicate appearance. If you opt for such eyebrows, you will become a responsible person who can be relied upon. You will also be someone who treats others fairly. These eyebrows bring good fortune in both career and family life. It is thus worthwhile to create this kind of brow when you are shaping, as they are also very flattering to most faces.

14. Lion Fur Eyebrows Belong To Kindhearted People

When your eyebrows are wavy and thick at the center and they resemble lion fur, they are a clear indication of someone who is easy going and kindhearted. The Chinese believe that those who appear on the heavy side and have such eyebrows almost always enjoy great good fortune. So if you feel you are overweight, you might want to try creating this eyebrow look. It will bring you good fortune luck!

15. New Moon Eyebrows Indicate Someone Powerful

These eyebrows resemble the shape of the half moon. The hairs on the brow look shiny and beautiful. If you draw your eyebrows this way, you will have many friends who look on you like their brother or sister. You will also develop the wonderful quality of humility and there is plenty of prosperity and wealth awaiting you. These eyebrows suggest someone humble yet powerful.

16. Silver River Eyebrows

These are eyebrows that are wide and form the shape of an angular corner. The hair looks thick and almost bushy in the center. If you draw your eyes this way, you will adopt an easygoing attitude which makes you get along with others easily and you will improve your social contacts. If your birth chart indicates Peach Blossom luck, you will also be very popular with the opposite sex. 

17. Number “8” Eyebrows

These are short-looking eyebrows where the tail ends slope downwards, such that both brows together form the shape of the Chinese character ‘8’. The tail ends of the eyebrows lie lower on the brow than the ends near the nosebridge. Pictorially, these brows look like an inverted ‘V’.

This is a rare shape for eyebrows, but if you have such brows, you will get very rich indeed. However, such people tend to be lonely and family life is rarely, if ever, happy. Those with eyebrows of this type may want to reshape them if they yearn the stability of a happy marriage.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (November/December 2005)". To subscribe, please click here.