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Pi Yao For Personal Protection

Unlike the Dragon, Fu Dogs or Chi Lin, the Pi Yao may not be so commonly known. However, in the feng shui universe, the Pi Yao is supposed to rank just below the majestic universally known Dragon in terms of power and especially protection. Jewels featuring the Pi Yao are extremely rare, so feng shui practitioners are in for a treat with the new Pi Yao Ring from the Lillian Too Feng Shui Collection.

Among the learned, the Pi Yao is most highly regarded. Indeed, it is revered as it is placed in the same category as the Dragon, though like all mythical, hybrid creatures, it is not meant to be worshipped. The layman often confuses the Pi Yao with the better-known Fu Dogs or Chi Lin, as all three share similar physical traits. As they are symbolic animals, there are no hard and fast rules regarding their physical appearances, though Fu Dogs always appear as a male and female pair, while the Chi Lin can stand is solitary and the Pi Yao is either alone or paired. The Pi Yao is a one-horned celestial creature that adds to the confusion, as the Chi Lin or Chinese unicorn also has one horn, though occasionally one comes across a two-horned Pi Yao.

Both Fu Dogs and Pi Yao are associated with temples and are often placed at their main entrance to guard against malevolent spirits. The Pi Yao is less seen as temple guardians, since this role is usually given to Fu Dogs or Lions. Beijing, the former imperial city, has a plethora of Dragons of all shapes and sizes, while Shanghai, the city of commerce and finance, has adopted the Pi Yao as its custodian and guardian angel. Never has any Chinese city shown such devotion and reverence to the Pi Yao as this most successful of Chinese cities! Many attribute Shanghai’s undisputed capital of trade and banking to the Pi Yao’s benevolence and protection!

The Power of The Pi Yao

According to Sotheby’s and Christie’s, the Pi Yao crafted during the early dynasties like Shang, Han and up to Ming are eagerly sought after by Chinese tycoons and businessmen. Apart from emperors who commissioned such animals to be cast in bronze, wealthy traders and warlords also ordered the Pi Yao to be made in their honour. Such ancient Pi Yaos come with names of their owners and are especially said to contain the power accumulated through the ages. Pi Yaos are traditionally used as personal protectors and when made expressly for this purpose, exert great power in safeguarding the health and welfare of its owner.

However, many feng shui masters prefer a new Pi Yao never used before, as one never knows what kind of negative powers some may have accumulated through ill deeds of past owners!

Tian Lu and Pi Xi

When placed as a pair, the Pi Yao becomes known as Tian Lu (Heavenly Protector) and Pi Xi (Evil Dispeller). During the Han dynasty (206 BC to 220 AD), images of these two animals were placed in front of tombs as symbols of power and authority of the deceased. As creatures of bravery and with immunity to evil, they are also meant as carriages to heaven, which explains their wings! Today, the Pi Yao is used to appease the Grand Duke Jupiter or Tai Sui when home renovations are done. It is also placed inside a new home that has just been moved into.

The Pi Yao and Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui)

In feng shui, the Pi Yao’s role cannot be understated as it one of the only creatures that can appease the powerful Tai Sui or Grand Duke Jupiter whose wrath is rightly feared by all. To directly face the Grand Duke is to incur his wrath and no mortal of human birth can emerge victorious from this confrontation! Of course, even if you accidentally, unwittingly or unknowingly happen to sit or sleep facing his direction, the mistake is done and you will suffer the consequences, which are usually career demotion, financial loss or defeat in your projects. The effects are worse if your job is combative or competitive, as your rivals will triumph easily. Feng shui masters usually calculate the direction of Grand Duke Jupiter, which changes every year; as to face him directly will destroy all the best-laid plans! He occupies only 15 degrees of the compass and as God of the Year, commands immense power over our lives.

The Pi Yao To The Rescue

Fortunately, the Pi Yao can appease the Grand Duke Jupiter with its presence at home or in the office. “It is a good idea to display the Pi Yao at home or in the office, especially if you are unsure of the direction of Grand Duke Jupiter, since he shifts direction each year,” says Lillian Too. “Its presence, in the form of a three dimensional sculpture, is the only way to cancel the fury of Tai Sui should you accidentally offend him.”

An Easy and Beautiful Remedy!

Since we are constantly walking or moving and seldom sitting still, we might end up facing Grand Duke Jupiter several times each day without realizing this unfortunate fact! This explains why certain brilliant and carefully thought out ideas fall flat when you present them to your boss, why a friendly discussion turns nasty or you are suddenly smitten by a headache when visiting an important client. You could simply be sitting in the worst possible direction confronting the Grand Duke Jupiter!   

On the other hand, if you visit the boss or a major client with Grand Duke Jupiter supporting you from behind, you can expect smooth sailing all the way!   

However, this entails other people having to sit facing Grand Duke Jupiter, which may be beyond your scope, as you cannot ask your superior or board of directors to move to another corner of the room!   

This is when Lillian Too’s new Pi Yao Ring comes to the fore! By wearing the Pi Yao Ring, you can move and sit freely anywhere, knowing you are safe and protected against his wrath wherever you are!   

At important meetings, you can sit anywhere, secure in the knowledge you are shielded even if you happen to sit directly facing him!
“Wearing the Pi Yao Ring allows you the great convenience of mobility. You can do what you want in whichever direction all day and all night long without worrying if you are in the right or wrong directions,” beams Lillian Too. “Let’s face it. In our busy lives, we can calculate our work desk or bed position but can’t spend all day with a compass whenever we leave our office for lunch or coffee. So the Pi Yao Ring, a new addition to Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Fine Jewellery collection by OE in 18K yellow gold set with diamonds, is a boon to everyone.”

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (November/December 2005)". To subscribe, please click here.