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Welcoming The Chinese New Year

The Chinese these days celebrate three “New Years”. Our first New Year is the Western calendar’s New Year, a time when we turn our minds to making resolutions. Next we observe the start of the Solar New Year, the day that marks the “Lap Chun” or Day of Spring – this is the date associated with the Flying Stars of the year’s feng shui chart and it falls on Feb 4th each year. But the most important date to Chinese everywhere is the Chinese New Year, the date that corresponds to the year’s first NEW MOON Day, and it occurs on a different date of the Western calendar every year.

This year, Chinese New Year falls on February 16th, a date that comes after the day of the lap chun, so this year lacks this day of Spring. A missing lap chun suggests this is not a year to start big ventures or to expand aggressively.

This 2018, we welcome the Yang Earth Dog, a relatively docile sign, which suggests of year of stable growth and bullish sentiments for peace and harmony. It is a year for building new networking groups, extended friendships and planning for the near-term future. It is a year of the Double Earth, so it is not a year to take risks. Better to play safe and focus on doing things you are good at. It is particularly important to update feng shui placements to bring you luck in your home and office; likewise, it is beneficial to symbolically “add to your assets”, so get one NEW piece of furniture to bring brand new energy into your living area!

There are plenty of well-known rituals to observe during the fifteen days of the year’s new moon, and taboos to avoid; and while some of these are the same year-in-year-out, others are not. In this issue, we bring you everything you need to know to ensure good fortune in all aspects of your luck - your love, wealth, health, career success, top exam results or good friendships you value most. Traditionally, the Chinese strive always to attain success in ALL aspects of life. No one can be truly happy unless all dimensions of the human condition are properly taken care of. Thus Wealth is nothing without health; health is nothing without love; and so on. Feng shui is an all-encompassing practice and it is most important to get New Year feng shui right!

This year, in addition to our CHINESE NEW YEAR SPECIAL, we carry a comprehensive Paht Chee feature by Phillip Lim pertaining to the 5 types of Dogs, categorized according to the five elements – what having a DOG in any of your Pillars mean in terms of your luck outlook in 2018. Download your Paht Chee chart from and see what your DOG Pillar means for you in 2018.

And as it is New Year, how appropriate there is an amazingly grand TV drama to tune into where you can indulge in exquisite imperial splendour brought to life featuring China’s Yellow Emperor Qin Shihuangti. This is China’s new hit television series The King’s Woman, starring the gorgeous Dilraba Dilmurat and the popular Zhang Bin Bin. In addition to being addictive entertainment, this series brings Chinese history to life and there is plenty of lucky imagery, and amazing costumes and furniture on show. This is the Emperor who united six warring states into one China. For feng shui enthusiasts, look out for the profuse use of symbols and amulets in the series.

Also read Dato Kee Hua Chee’s piece as he deftly rewinds many centuries to the days of the Ming and Ching Dynasties, when Emperors, Empresses and other high-ranking officials wore the most elaborate of Imperial Robes – every single piece carefully and exquisitely hand-embroidered with dragons and phoenixes, auspicious flowers and water symbols. Happily, we are told that these antique robes have been well-preserved and are now available for sale – although they are an indulgence, costing close to the price of a luxury car per piece!

Holiday time is entertainment time, and from China we go to Hollywood to watch their latest blockbuster, The Greatest Showman, which tells the story of a showman par excellence, the larger than life P.T. Barnum played by the incredibly convincing Hugh Jackman. This is a colourful musical spectacular along the lines of past hits such as The King and I and The Sound of Music. There are wonderful songs, incredible dancing and a storyline to tug at your heartstrings. I recommend this highly as watching it is a great way to get your energy levels sky high to start the year on a rising note.

Meanwhile, let our wellness guru Shahreen Kamaluddin define “True Happiness” and show you ways to experience real happiness, while Charok Lama Rinpoche, based on his years of education in Buddhism, addresses the oft asked question of – is there a quick way to spiritualism and enlightenment? These days, Buddhism has become the new age philosophy of living. Charok Lama debunks some myths as he describes how the amateur practitioner can get started on a path of spiritual explorations.

Our personality this issue is the lovely Xandria Ooi, KL’s hottest presenter, stage personality and talk show host. She chats to us on what makes her tick and shares her views on feng shui. Just like our reluctant practitioner Lulu Lee, Xandria falls into that category of new generation of feng shui practitioners, where having the right kind of attitude makes this ancient science work perfectly well for them! Worthwhile read indeed.

Our travel stories take you to Japan and Thailand.

Niseko, a wonderfully accessible resort for ski and snowboard enthusiasts is just an 8-hour direct flight from Malaysia via Air Asia. We feature also Air Asia as a budget airline that feels like a regular airline. We loved the Air Asia experience but wonder why Japan is described as the “Land of the Rising Sun” – lol, there was little sun in Niseko, just lots of glorious powder snow! Malaysians are getting increasingly sophisticated in their travel destinations and after sizzling hot Malaysia, it is so NICE to wallow in the snow!

Helen Oon meanwhile introduces us to resort vacations in Phuket, so if heavenly massages, pristine beaches and delectable Thai cuisine is what you like, you might want a weekend there!

Finally, we draw your attention to the trio of Supermoons appearing in the first three months of 2018. Are super big moons that come close to Earth lucky or unlucky? Read our feature within. And don’t miss Chris Yeo’s architectural design piece, offering up fab ideas on how to get more “open space” in your home.

Now here’s a tip – there are two months when there will be exceptional windfall wealth luck this year. Follow us each month to track when these months will come upon us and discover who benefits most! Meanwhile Gong Xi Fa Cai. We wish our readers plenty of great good fortune, windfall prosperity and plenty of joyous happiness in the coming year!