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This must surely be a Russian issue! We have just come back from ten days of surreal hospitality in a country filled with the most beautiful and warm people, buildings and architecture that left us in awe, and a history and heritage that stamped an indelibly lasting impression. Our wonderful hosts Snezhana Tikhonova and Tatjana Birukhova invited Lillian Too to bring her feng shui event to Russia. Co-hosting us was the lovely Oxana Girko.

The event, held over two days at the Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow, was a resounding success! The Russians are so friendly, so warm and so enthusiastic! Many were already well-versed in feng shui having read many of Lillian’s books that have been translated into Russian, and were eager to learn more. While many in attendance spoke English, there was also simultaneous Russian translation available for those who preferred to listen in their own language.

The first day covered Landscape and Compass Feng Shui, while the second day focused on Spiritual Feng Shui. Those who missed this event can access it online (with optional Russian translation) via the Lillian Too Mandala website (visit for more).

Before heading to Moscow for the event, we could not resist taking the opportunity to visit the fabulous museums, palaces and fountains of St. Petersburg, an hour’s flight or a 4-hour high-speed train ride from Moscow. When you visit Russia, you return incredibly inspired because this is a land so rich in exquisite art, architecture, music, culture and sheer beauty. The country is incredibly photogenic – strike a pose and every click looks like something straight out of a magazine.

We brought the kids as well, as they were on their summer vacation. For 8-year-old Joshy, while the sightseeing tired him out, he was fascinated by stories of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great, while Jack, whose great love is the piano, paid homage to the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, one of the foremost music institutions of the world, where legends such as Rachmaninoff, Scriabin and Tchaikovsky have played or worked at. Jack even got the opportunity to take master classes here with the wonderful Prof Natalia Troull.

Read more inside of what you must not miss in Russia, and I promise you, if you have not visited, you absolutely must. Do not believe any rhetoric you read in the news, because Russia is beautiful, modern, open, welcoming and with so much to offer.

A phenomenon that seems to have captured everyone’s imagination is the recent complete Eclipse of the Sun visible over a whole stretch of America. A complete eclipse happens only once in 99 years, so this event drew crowds all over America to camp out to watch it. Visually, it is breathtaking. But it’s significance? There are various schools of thought. Lillian Too offers us her views on this within.

This month also sees Malaysia play host to the 29th SEA Games, involving the 11 countries of Southeast Asia. The country is abuzz with activity and there is really nothing better to galvanize a nation than sports. The Games opened on Sat 19th Aug at the Putra Stadium at Bukit Jalil, with Malaysia putting up a truly fabulous show full of culture, pageantry and pride.

The SEA Games are ongoing as we close this month’s issue, but Malaysia is already doing the nation proud in terms of medal tally. I am following the equestrian sports closely, as these are the events closest to my heart. Here, Malaysia seems to be sweeping the medals.

HRH Sultan Mizan of Terengganu set the Games off to a great start, winning both team and individual gold in the equestrian endurance event. He also makes history being the first and only Malaysian Ruler to win a gold at these Games. Dressage (popularly thought of as ballet on horseback) was the second horse event that saw Malaysia take top spot, while Polo is going great guns for the Malaysian contingent so far.

In polo, we have another high profile athlete, our very own Youth and Sports Minister YB Khairy Jamaluddin, who is setting a great example being the first Minister to compete at the SEA Games, and in medal-winning form. Astrologically, the Horse is an ally of the Tiger, Malaysia’s national animal; it is also its official mascot for the Games. No wonder Malaysia seems to have so much affinity with horse sports. But more than winning medals, these Games is about the sporting spirit and making friends, and the official motto, “Rising Together” is a galvanizing maxim covering not just the Malaysian contingent, but all our visiting athletes and supporters as well.

This issue, we aptly feature former Badminton Champion Dato Jack Koh who is using his expertise to coach the new stars of the future with the formation of the “Purple League”. Badminton has always been a source of national pride, a sport where we can boast of being truly the best in the world, and working together with big names such as Dato Lee Chong Wei, Rashid Sidek and Khairy Jamaluddin, there is no doubt in Malaysia’s ability to continue to dominate this sport that so many kids here grow up playing.

We also want to bring to your attention the amazing Forest City, a completely manmade paradise island off the shores of South Malaysia. Hanni Lim takes a look at the feng shui significance of this new structure, its element shape, its landscape implications and of course no doubt the economic benefits. Impressive stuff indeed!

Our Paht Chee feature puts the focus on Alibaba’s Jack Ma, who has risen from humble beginnings and many initial failures to become the richest person in Asia. Phillip Lim takes a look at the birth chart of this charismatic business magnate, and is not at all surprised to find a slew of success stars present. A timeline of his ten year luck pillars is also either extremely coincidental or revealing!

As September is the month of fashion, Helen Oon speaks with Selina Yeop Jnr, who is making news on the London fashion scene with clothing that real women (who are not stick-thin) can wear, and with bags that the modern woman can carry (you need more than a lipstick and credit card these days!) Functional but fashionable is definitely the new style of today.

A lot more in this issue as we bid adieu to the summer, but don’t also forget to arm yourself with amulets as we approach Hungry Ghost month.

Have a great September!