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Chung Kwei - 'The Protector Against Evil Spirits'


by Sky

Part II: Protective Feng Shui with Chung Kwei

Considered a deity by the Taoists, Chung Kwei (sometimes spelt Zhong Kui or Chung K'uei) is most famous for his ability to overcome black magic spells. He is also considered an exorcist of the highest ability as he is said to have subdued 84,000 demon spirits and thereafter had them under his command.

How he is usually portrayed…

Chung Kwei is frequently depicted as being exceptionally ugly with glowering eyes and a bristling beard, usually perched on one leg brandishing a sword. His usual weapons are a sword for engaging in combat and a fan for warding off evil spirits.

There is a magical inscription on the fan which translates to read, "Lead on happiness, restore the hall." His face is also a weapon; it is so awesome that his countenance alone is capable of scaring off any evil spirit who might dare to oppose him. Symbolic peaches dangle from his hat signifying immortality. A red bat circles his head symbolizing abundant happiness and good fortune. Sometimes, he is shown with other symbols of protection and good fortune, i.e. tiger, deer, harp.

Providing Powerful Protection…

Having the image of Chung Kwei in your home will provide potent protection from powerful enemies who have been giving you a tough time. For those in high profile professions, Chung Kwei will help to prevent backstabbing and malicious jealousy, both in your workplace and business relationships.

Excellent Cure for the evil 5 Yellow Star…

Expert practitioners of Flying Star Feng Shui recommend displaying a large painting of Chung Kwei (Zhong Kui) as one of the best ways to overcome the negative influence and adverse effects of the malignant 5 Yellow Star. Unlike other elemental feng shui cures, the presence of Chung Kwei in your home will effectively quell any bad luck caused by the 5 Yellow Star, regardless of which year it is and which compass sector it flies to. In year 2001, the Southwest is seriously afflicted as the 5 Yellow Star has flown into that sector.

When to invite him in…

The best time to invite him into the home (i.e. hang up his picture) is the 5th day of the 5th month. The fifth month is considered the most dangerous month, as it lies in the central hall of summer when Yang energy is at its zenith.

It may seem to be rather strange for summer to be the season of bad luck. But, this is the time when most care has to be taken. Moreover, the Gods of mountains and rivers, the ancestors and the dragons of the seas have all got to be appeased at this time. Therefore, the malign forces of bad feng shui are more destructive at this time of the year compared to other seasons. The governing color for this season is red; and the red demon is known as, "Xü Hao" meaning, "Emptiness and Devastation".

Where to position him…

Chung Kwei is best stationed near the front door of your home (or office) so that he can keep an eye on everyone entering your living space. This works very well to protect all who reside within. Alternatively, you can position him on the wall at the foot of the stairs. Strategically located here, he protects all your upstairs rooms from being affected by the 5 Yellow Star and other evil spirits.

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