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Playful Guardian Fu Dogs

What happens after your great good luck landed you a kind, caring and understanding mentor who takes you under his or her wing and shows you the ropes of the industry? You would sleep well, unconcerned of any encroaching interruptions in your now otherwise perfect life and career. Your troubles are over, or so you thought. How could you imagine there are any problems when you are enjoying his or her beneficiary at your workplace?

However, office walls have ears, willing wagging tongues, ambitious workers with green eyes that observe your comings and goings, especially if your mentor is someone in a senior position who is able to help on your climb up the corporate ladder. All your good luck charms in getting a mentor is not going to be much help fending off these 'fiends' if their minds are set on it.

So what do you do about this?

What you need to solve this dilemma is to be on the offensive rather than the defensive then. Before others were to attack you behind your back, as in literally stab your back, what you need to do is to employ some countermeasures.

One good way of making sure you are not a victim of office politics is to place Feng Shui protective symbols around your office. And one of the best protective Feng Shui purveyors is the Fu Dogs. Fu Dogs are mythical animals frequently shown playing with a ball. They are believed to be protectors that ward off evil influences and spirits.

You may ask where does one place these Fu Dogs? Well, we recommend placing this exuberant pair fairly high at the main door to guard your home or office with the male (the one with the ball) on the left side of the door (inside looking out) and the female on the other side.

Here's to you and your Fu Dogs! May you be protected from all sinister goings-on in the office!