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Attracting Powerful Mentors to Further Your Career

We live most of our lives for our career. Think about it! After your schooling, it was to the working world and grind, grind, grinding at the proverbial 'mill' before retiring. So, do you want to remain the ox that goes round and round grinding until the day you drop dead or move on to be the farmer who dictates when and how the mill should be grinded?

There are some ways to be the 'top' guy of the company, or even close to the top. One of it is you must attract a good and powerful mentor: one who can assist your climb up the corporate ladder. To some, they would call this practice 'brown-nosing' but let's face it; you can't get far on your own without some 'brown-nosing' and hob-nobbing with the right crowd. The corporate world today depends on 'connections': if you have it, by all means, use it!

And how can one attract a powerful mentor? Look to the East and Feng Shui! The East has a long association with mentor-mentee concept. They believe that the dragon is an excellent bringer of luck and so one must take every opportunity to display its image whenever one is able to. Following are some examples how one can improve on your mentor luck:

Put on view a dragon image on the table, cabinet or wall on the East (wood) side of your office or study. This is where you do the bulk of your work and would surely need a mentor from. Your dragon may be ceramic, crystal or wood but NOT of gold, cloisonné, or metals. Recall your destructive cycle: metal element would cut (destroy) Wood.

For those of you who are avid gardeners with green thumbs, try replicating a green dragon on the East side of your garden with a winding flowerbed path.

Do you have any dragon image art or bowls? Try some of these in the East sector also.

Need support from your mentor? Try hanging a hollow six-rod windchime (so that the Chi may flow without restraint) in the West and Northwest (metal) sector of your home.

Enliven your Northwestern sector of your home with some fresh flowers. This is because the Northwest is the sector of blessings from heaven and represents leadership.

If you are up to it, try using a table or chair crafted or inlaid in mother-of-pearl with dragon motif. However, only a few can practice this as not everyone is suffused with the necessary Yang energy to stand up to the dragon's power. For those who are up to it, you may enhance your energy level. If you fell ill after using dragon motif furniture, you would know then that it is not for you.